Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thumbs Up

Yes, I am a crazy dog lady.

Can't help it. I love dogs. All dogs. I would rescue every single one if I could. Not to mention we just depleted our savings account to give our lil pup emergency back surgery.

Needless to say, I REALLY enjoyed my latest read: The Art of Racing in the Rain.


The hubs recommended this one. (He is a crazy dog man. And I am his crazy dog lady. This is why we work.) But this novel was such a creative, fun, and EASY read. The entire story is told from the perspective of a dog. At first, I wasn't really digging it, then, about half way through I couldn't put it down. Not because of some crazy, interesting plot...but simply because I felt like I could truly see inside the mind of a pup. It was hysterical! I would definitely recommend it to dog lovers. Made me want to snuggle my pups extra hard. :)

Speaking of our pups, we've taken a few adorable pics lately that I feel the need to share. But first, I'd like to give a special thanks to those of you who either a). don't understand why some people love dogs so much or b). don't like to read. (I'm sure if you qualify for either a or b, you are no longer even reading this post.)


Tickled Pink said...

you are right- such a good book!

Freck said...

Awww, I'm a dog lady too! I don't have any...yet, but I grew up with dogs. TBF brought home a puppy book all about labs once and I about died. They're the perfect little friend :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable dogs. :) I bought that book, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. You made me want to go grab it! hahaha