Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Love the 80's

I've been so excited for the past couple of weeks because one of IMG_7283 our friends was throwing an 80's party. Yes, the 80's was by far the most hideous decade...thus why it is so appropriate to throw an 80's party. I mean really - Shoulder Pads? Geometric Shapes? Banana Clips? Thank goodness the 80's have passed us by. 

IMG_7285 Mr. Ruby and I had a really good time. I found the ugliest 80's prom dress possible while Mr. Ruby sported the ever-so-popular  "Zubbaz" pants and slicked his hair to the side. I told him that this look should definitely not become a habit.

See below for some of my favorites from the 80's!



CS20xA3inGotta love cassette tapes

rainbow_brightRainbow Brite was one of my faves

Bracelet_1261Slap Bracelets were super rad


TrapperKeeper Who didn't have a Trapper Keeper?

popples Does anyone else remember Popples?

Punky-Brewster-799635 Punky was my idol

a-banana2I wore a banana clip at least 3 times a week

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Which would you choose?

I've always had a fascination super heroes.

Mr. Ruby and I just got done watching Pixar's The Incredibles. Such a cute movie about a family with superpowers. And, one of our favorite shows we religiously TiVo is Heroes. heroes-cast-3

In light of all this superhero business...I pondered if I could have any power, which would I choose? 

I decided on teleporting. I would love to be able to teleport through time.

Newlywed Traditions

IMG_7255 I LOVE the holidays. Everything about them: the chilly weather, jam-packed malls, Christmas music, the Salvation Army bell ringers, Yankee Swap parties, egg nog, and of course family traditions.

Although this may be Mr. Ruby and my's third Christmas together, this is the first year we have actually started a new tradition. Our first year, we were in the process of moving to Dallas, and last year we were driving across the country to move to Little Rhody. As this is the first year we actually feel settled, we decided to start a new tradition the day after Thanksgiving. (Note: this may be one of the most simple, boring traditions ever...but we were really excited). We popped open a bottle of wine, turned on some Christmas music and decorated our house. (There may have even been a little bit of dancing thrown in there somewhere). Again, I LOVE the holidays. It is the only time of year where I have an excuse and it becomes socially acceptable for me to decorate my house with lights and all things sparkly! IMG_7257

Although Mr. Ruby and I may have enjoyed this new tradition, our dogs hated it. They were terrified of the Christmas tree. I mean terrified.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy TURKEY Day!

Well folks, the tryptofhan has kicked in.

I have officially managed to stuff myself SILLY this Thanksgiving. I think after six months of trying to stick with Weight Watchers, I just went nuts. And let me tell you, it was so worth it.

We were pretty sad we weren't able to spend Thanksgiving with our fams - but we have the most amazing neighbors and they invited us over for a FEAST! No joke - we had 3 courses. I'm so fully, I don't even have the energy to type. So stay tuned...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Joys of Working Out

Top 5 reasons why I really REALLY find no joy in going to the gym:

5). I have to wait about 3 and a half hours after eating (even if it is only 2 crackers) before I workout. Otherwise, I have a side ache that feels like someone is twisting a knife inside my abdomen.

4). I do not look like the other girls who wear their cute little skimpy gym outfits. Since when did going to the gym turn into New York Fashion Week?!?!

3). I turn hideously beet red. No really, I look like a beet.

2). I get so excited when I start to "feel it" and begin to sweat because then it means I've burned like 200 calories, right? Oh wait, nope. I really only burned 46. 

1). The absolute #1 reason why I do not like going to the gym: awkward naked moments. 
You know those women who have absolutely NO modesty? Yeah, the ones who walk around with EVERYTHING exposed but feel no shame sparking up a conversation about today's board meeting and how we can really bring change to the department. Seriously, enough to make me never want to step foot in the gym again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Too short!

I live for the weekends.

Ever since high school, the only way for me to get through the week is to think about the upcoming weekend. Just as soon as the weekend arrives, it quickly evaporates...almost into thin air. And then, I begin my whole cycle all over again.

This weekend was pretty low key, however, we did head up to Boston for the afternoon to meet up with some old friends. One of our pals works at the top of the John Hancock and took us up there for a fabulous view of the city. See below for pics of one of my favorite cities!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, I finally decided to join my fellow generation Y'ers.

Yes, that's right, I have officially started blogging. Ok, so maybe I DID grow up in the early 90's during the technology boom. However, in no way did that prepare me to keep up with my technologically savvy cohorts. Believe it or not, it only took me 6 hours to figure out how to set up my layout. And it doesn't even look half as fancy as most of the other blogs out there. Discouraging? Yes. However, with plenty of practice and patience, I’m sure I will get this whole blogging thing down.

Why did I decide to blog? Well, it’s simple really. I have so many thoughts haphazardly racing throughout my mind, and I need a place to just let it all out. I’m one of those people who realizes about mid way through a sentence that I touched on 14 different topics within the span of 2 minutes all while using the same breath. I only become aware when the person whom I am speaking with looks at me as if I am speaking in a foreign language that only I am able to translate.

Hopefully you can keep up with my thoughts…because I sure haven’t figured out yet how to!