Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Love the 80's

I've been so excited for the past couple of weeks because one of IMG_7283 our friends was throwing an 80's party. Yes, the 80's was by far the most hideous decade...thus why it is so appropriate to throw an 80's party. I mean really - Shoulder Pads? Geometric Shapes? Banana Clips? Thank goodness the 80's have passed us by. 

IMG_7285 Mr. Ruby and I had a really good time. I found the ugliest 80's prom dress possible while Mr. Ruby sported the ever-so-popular  "Zubbaz" pants and slicked his hair to the side. I told him that this look should definitely not become a habit.

See below for some of my favorites from the 80's!



CS20xA3inGotta love cassette tapes

rainbow_brightRainbow Brite was one of my faves

Bracelet_1261Slap Bracelets were super rad


TrapperKeeper Who didn't have a Trapper Keeper?

popples Does anyone else remember Popples?

Punky-Brewster-799635 Punky was my idol

a-banana2I wore a banana clip at least 3 times a week


CC said...

SLAP BRACELETS!! Those things were AWESOME!!!

Kendra said...

I had a Popples sleeping bag! It was amazing!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I LOVED popples! So fun!

Anonymous said...

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