Monday, December 1, 2008

Can't you see I'm BUSY?

Every office has one.

You know that annoying,obnoxious, talks-so-much-you don't-know-how-she-isn't-turning-purple employee who has worked for your company for so long that no one questions why she spends all her time wandering around the office rather than getting any work done?

Well, I've definitely got one of those. In fact, no one even really knows what she does all day or even what role she plays in our department. All I know is I can hear her coming from about 200 feet away, and when I do, I DIVE for my phone. No joke. If I am not already on a phone call...I make sure to start dialing the moment I hear her coming.

She comes into my office and begins talking to me about anything she can possibly think of: plants, how she likes her green beans, how her son isn't making good grades his first semester of college, how she hates change and "things aren't the way they used to be", and of course how she only likes purses with little pockets on the side so that it's easier to retrieve her glasses. Yes she proceeds to talk and TALK even after I told her how swamped I was and have been staying until 7:30 every night. (Oh, and she is one of those that literally is out the door the second the clock strikes 4:15...not a minute later).

I mean seriously Ms. Obnoxious - can't you see I'm busy? Oh, probably not because you have no idea what the word even means.


CC said...

oh man oh man, I do have one of those in my office. But she's not old, she's only a few year's older than me. And she's nice. But she absolutely will NOT shut up. I know ALL about her family, her cousins, her boy troubles, her friend and their jobs and their relationships and more useless info than anyone needs to know about one's co-worker. It's WEIRD.

She hovers and I mean HOVERS at my desk. Sometimes, she'll come up, lean on my desk and not say a word. And i'm like yes? And she says "Oh I don't need anything, I'm just bored"

I REALLY REALLY hate people in my personal space, especially at work.

I SO feel your pain.

CC said...

that being said, she's also super nice and one of my biggest allies at my job.

It's a very complicated relationship and I feel terrible about complaining about her. :(

Whitney said...

Found your blog from Mrs. Stilettos! I just felt I MUST comment on this post! I have one in my office, too and she drives me INSANE. In fact, she just left my office a few minutes ago. AHHHH!