Friday, July 31, 2009


Thank the good Lord it's Friday!

Nothing new there...I'm always ready for the weekend. Am I ever going to not live for the weekends? I seriously start the countdown Sunday night. 


Well, we're heading out for some drinks with friends. 

And tomorrow we have a fun-filled day at the beach. 

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wiener Wednesday

I seriously feel like there simply are NOT enough hours in the day. 

I have been feeling stretched a bit thin these days. 

I'm hoping to go to sleep a wee bit early tonight. Gotta catch up on some Zzz's. 

HAPPY WEDNESDAY...only TWO more days until the weekend!!!! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicago is my long lost love

So, I love Chi Town. 

I mean really really love it. 

Definitely in my top 3 favorite cities!!!

It's turned into a tradition to visit my best friend every year, and I always have such a fantastic time. She lives in the cutest apartment in Lincoln Park, has the best roomate ever (someone whom I now consider a very close friend), and she always knows the hot spots. Of course we had a blast this weekend. It was full of food, beach, booze, and GIRL TIME! Plus, one of my best friends from college moved there, so it was fun to see her as well. Oh, and two sorority sisters were randomly there for a visit as well. Too much excitement for one weekend.

I decided (like I do after every trip), that I want to go on a permanent vacation and never work again...

Starting the weekend off right!

Free tequila shots ;)

My favorite Chi Gals!

Love me some beach time at Lake Michigan

My first Tapas Bar experience...LOVED IT!

My dear Cam...first friend in college :)

Can't believe my sorority sisters were in town too

Ran into my buddy from high school...Love him and his little wifey

Such a fun birthday party in Wrigleyville

Best brunch place EVER

Lovely ladies before church
Eating pizza on the rooftop

LOVE this city!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All I need is some Zzz's

So, I read an article this morning that made me realize I'm not the only one. 

I'm not crazy. 

I am one of the 30% of Americans that has major sleeping issues...or insomnia. 

It is quite possibly the worst thing ever. 

It started when I was in seventh grade. I was going through quite a large amount of stress for a 13 year old, and so I had trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or waking up way too early on any given night. 

Since I graduated college, my sleeping habits have gotten much better. However, I still struggle with sleep issues. I have to have the perfect atmosphere in order to even fall asleep. 

Requirements: Dark. Completely quiet. Cool. 

When I say dark, I mean that there cannot be even one speckle of light anywhere near me...or I have to cover it up. Like, even if Mr. Ruby's cell phone has a millimeter of light showing, I put a shirt over it. There's a street lamp outside our window, so I have to have a pillow over my head. When the sun comes up in the morning...forget about it. 

I've never been one to fall asleep with the radio or TV on. If I hear even the slightest sound outside...I wake up instantly. If our Mr. Ruby moves, or if I hear the dogs get out of their bed...I'm wide awake. Then, I can't fall back asleep. 

The article put it perfectly, for someone who has sleep issues, it's almost like your bed becomes a "bed of thorns". But it gave some pretty good tips and made me realize that so many people struggle with this. 

I refuse to give in to sleep meds. And I really only have problems when I'm anxious our stressed about something. And there is quite a bit going on in life right now. I know that's the major culprit. 

I think we're going to buy some blackout curtains soon. I didn't want to. But the sun wakes me up the moment it peaks it's head. So, I think we must. 

On a happier note...I'm off to Chicago tomorrow morning to see my very best friend! And one of my other besties from college moved there, so I'll get to see her too. Can't WAIT. 

Updates to come soon...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I think I might start a segment titled "I Can't Make This Stuff Up"


I feel like at least once a month I think to myself, "Does this stuff only happen to me?"

Today was a doozie. 

I went with my pal from work to the supermarket during our lunch break. I needed to pick up some veggies for a nice summer salad, some more coffee, and (ahem) some feminine hygiene products. 

Now, let me explain something to you. I mentally never left 7th grade when it comes to purchasing anything "embarrassing". In fact, I go as far as strategically placing the milk next to the box of granola bars in a way that just so happens to "conveniently" hide the fact that I just received a visit from good ol' Aunt Flo. 

So back to my story.

I was at the supermarket, sweating bullets as I feverishly tried to make my decision on what in the world to buy. Why, oh, why do there have to be so many options? As I was praying to the good Lord that I wouldn't run into anyone from work, I hear a male voice say "Excuse me."

Crap. I've been caught.

In that split second, I thought of my exit plan. I could just act like I didn't hear him. I could run as fast as humanly possible in the other direction. I could fake a seizure.


I decided to face my fear.

I turned around. 

The gentleman (thankfully) was not a co-worker. In fact, he was a younger guy who worked at the supermarket. He said, "I don't mean to be rude or anything...but are you single?"

Wait. Did I just hear him right? Am I seriously getting propositioned next to hundreds of boxes of Playtex?

I fumbled out a simple, ""

Then he said, "Ok, I just had to ask because you're just so gorgeous."

I felt my skin turn bright red and I bolted. 

Absolutely mortifying. Only me, right?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Mistake

So, I made two very big mistakes this weekend. 
  • First mistake? I decided that I really wanted to go see "My Sister's Keeper" since I just finished the book. Against my better judgement, I went to this movie...alone. I went through about 8 full Kleenexes and multiple stare downs from others who seemed to be thinking "Aww...that poor girl can't stop crying and she doesn't have any friends." I just have to say, I actually kind of like going to movies by myself. I'm odd, I guess. Oh, and for the record, the movie was terrible compared to the book. I was quite disappointed.
  • Second mistake of the weekend: I didn't apply a hefty amount of sunscreen today like I should have. I was at my friend's pool for four hours and didn't realize the sun was scorching my skin. I am now paying for it. I look like a freshly boiled lobster. 
I guess I learned some valuable lessons! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week!!! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have a cute hubby

Sometimes, I just need a little pick-me-up during the workday. Anytime I see Mr. Ruby's name pop up in my Outlook Inbox - I get little butterflies. How silly is it that I get excited even if he's just saying hello? 

I received the following e-mail from Mr. Ruby at work last week and wanted to share because I think he's pretty cute. Let me preface it with a few facts. 1). I am the excitable one of the two of takes a lot for Mr. Ruby to get pumped. 2). Ever since Mr. Ruby bought the Prius (the one that I think is hideous but just had to let him get it because I haven't seen him that excited since our wedding day), he brags about how awesome he thinks it is. 3). Poor Mr. Ruby is sick of his extremely long commute, and has been talking about this "new route" he found while driving to work one day.

Subject: So I'm excited

I'm telling you this because no one else cares and you're my wife so you have to pay attention to me. :)

1. My new back roads way to work is about 10 miles that's 10 miles a day that I'm not putting on my car.
2. It takes approx the same amount of time as the old way. About 5 mins faster or slower depending on traffic
3. I averaged 62.7 MPG on the way here this morning. :)


I told you. 

Anytime he has the opportunity to justify the "hideous purchase", he does. He keeps trying to win me over. I'll never give in. :)

But, he's still cute. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still thinking about it...

You ever watch a movie or read a book that leaves you crying uncontrollably, speechless, or pondering for days?

I am still thinking.

Still speechless.

And yes, still pondering. 

I just finished "My Sister's Keeper" (the book, not the movie.) All I have to say is wow. Throughout the entire book, it kept me thinking. Seriously, before I turned each page, my mind would start to wander and just think

Of course I cried a few times in several chapters. 

But the ending left me in shock. And in a puddle of tears. 

I'm still thinking about it 24 hours later...

I DEFINITELY recommend!!!!!! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey, Summer! Nice of you to show up.

I really hope someone isn't playing a really cruel hoax.

But summer, my friends, is finally here. 

And yes, it is the middle of July. 

We decided a celebration was much needed... all weekend long. 

We started Friday off right by heading to this cute little bar with outdoor seating and spent the evening drinking ice cold Miller Lites. 

On Saturday, we woke up super early and actually took our pups kayaking. Yes, you heard me right. We took our dogs kayaking. Of course Samson decided to give me a heart attack by jumping in and almost drowning. But he and Sienna had the time of their lives. That evening, our good friend threw this A-MA-ZING party at her sister's house (a.k.a. mansion). 

Sunday was quite busy as well. My company sponsored an IronMan. We decided to volunteer for the day. And let me tell you, I can't quite decide if these athletes are inspiring or just plain insane. I'm going to go with the latter. Half the time they potty their pants, have salt caked all over their bodies from dehydration, and pass out/seizure at the finish line. Needless to say, these athletes are quite amazing. 

After volunteering, we had a double-header softball game. Then we finished off the week right with a cookout at our friend's house (and a bad case of the Sunday Blues).

At least Monday is almost over...and almost time for another fun-filled weekend!!!

Oh Summer! Come to Mama!

What a cutie I have!

Poor Sienna just wanted to come up to the front seat

Samson thought he was captain of the ship...until he decided to jump in

Professional Kayakers

Best party of the summer!

Lovin some pool party action

The dance party has officially begun

Helping out at the IronMan

Ballstars = Rockstars

Dear Summer, please don't ever leave

Thursday, July 9, 2009

You seriously want to talk to me right now?

Need someone to talk to? I'm usually your gal. 

I used to be called Chatterbox as a kid. 

I can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In fact, I've been known to talk to myself or even brick walls. 

What can I say, I'm a talker.  

However, there are three instances in which I do NOT want to be spoken to:

1). When I'm on an airplane. (Why is it that people never get the hint when I have my nose buried deep in a book or my eyes are closed?)

2). When I've had a bad day or am overly stressed out (This doesn't happen often). 

3). When I'm working out. 

So, let's talk about #3.

Is it really that odd that I don't like to carry on a conversation at the gym? Don't get me wrong...a cordial hello is just fine with me. But please do not carry on a full blown conversation with me. 

For starters, I look like a hot mess. My hair is usually ratty, or pulled back so tightly that I could pass for a balding man. I sweat so much that I look like I just went white water rafting. And my face is red as a freshly boiled lobster. Oh, not to mention that I look quite pathetic because I'm generally panting at the end of my workouts.

Well, tonight, Mr. Worst Nightmare was on the Elliptical next to me. I did everything but blow smoke signals and flat out yell at the man to kindly shut up. He ignored all of my hints. I even stopped talking altogether at one point. He carried on a full conversation for over twenty minutes. And by conversation, I mean that he was asking me series of questions that required in-depth answers. 

What made it so odd is that I see this gentleman at the gym often, and he never gives me the time of day. (This is what I prefer). Well, earlier today he saw me dressed in a suit walking around with interview candidates and walking up to our executive floor. When he saw me at the gym he said, "Hey, I saw you today!" (Do I need to mention that on top of being a conversation extraordinaire, he is quite observant as well?)

Thus began our twenty minute conversation...ugh. I am avoiding Mr. Nightmare at all costs from now on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wanna live there

So, I've noticed something about myself lately.

Every time I travel somewhere new, I find myself wanting to live there. 

Not only do I want to live there, but I can actually SEE Mr. Ruby and I living there.

Austin. Chicago. Philadelphia. Washington DC.

Do you even realize how many awesome cities there are out there?!?!

This has become a serious problem considering I travel so much for work. Actually, I take that back. Maybe it's a good thing I travel so much so that I can see so many awesome parts of the country. But then, I feel like there's always somewhere else I want to be. And in all honesty, I really am quite happy where I am at the moment. I just want to experience EVERYTHING!

What brought all this on? 

Mr. Ruby and I spent an AMAZING 4th of July in Washington DC...and we fell in love. The people are great. The food is fabulous. The culture is rich. And you gotta love the transportation. Oh, and the deep history was pretty cool too!

Anyway, we had a great time, and can't wait to go back for a visit! For those of you DC bloggers...we should totally meet up next time. :)

Just love the Capitol Building...

Out on the AMAZING town of DC

Pals since high school

We met up with one of my old pals from my training class from three years ago!

I had a couple glasses of wine. And I love weiners. So I took this picture in the bathroom. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

If you ever need a good lawyer or good boyfriend...this is your man. ;)

Heading to the most amazing firework show...ever.

Snuggling before the fireworks


Of course we had to get some cheesy tourist pics

Would you expect any different?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I want right NOW

So, there are a few things consuming my mind. Seriously, these things are all I can think about.

I desperately want the following, and I'm talkin now.

Is it too much to ask for some sunny weather? I mean, this is ridiculous!

Or what about a cheeseburger. Screw healthy eating. I'm just hungry, ya know?

Mmm. This beautiful Hobo Handbag from Jimmy Choo. Must have now.

This is a NEED at the top of my list. SO ready to buy a house.

Does anyone else really miss good ol' slumber parties? I'm totally in the mood.

One word: Massage.

Haha - Just kidding.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! We'll be in D.C. enjoying America. Can't wait to post about our trip!!!!!!!