Thursday, November 12, 2015

Adaline's FIRST Birthday Celebration!

October was a whirlwind. A totally-nuts, jam-packed, weekends-full-of-fun month with birthdays out the wazoo, weddings, and Halloween.

Of course one of those birthdays was a little special someone's FIRST birthday.

And though Addie had one heck of a party - which included pumpkin painting, caramel apples, chili, and a bounce house - I admittedly did not put in the time that I would have liked into all the little details. Because I had no time. And I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would. Because I was too busy celebrating, having fun and loving on the birthday girl!

But of course our little Sweets had the time of her life eating her first cupcake, playing with her friends (who are really her big sister's friends), and getting a ridiculous amount of love and attention on her big day. I'm positive she didn't notice that I didn't cut out cupcake toppers or come up with special birthday dish names or pull an all nighter making birthday banners. #secondchildproblems

The morning of her birthday, Lyla couldn't contain her excitement. So, she barged right in and gave Addie a traditional Green birthday balloon celebration ceremony. And since Addie thinks Lyla walks on water, it was pretty much the best morning of her life. Because then we had PANCAKES, complete with a gold sparkly one candle. That I spray painted in the garage, and Gabe thought was ridiculous and toxic to our breakfast pancakes. But Addie loved that gold, sparkly one.

And she really loved all her new toys that she could climb on.

And then, birthday party day. You know how those are. So much running around, a laundry list of errands and things to pick up, prepping and making food, frosting cupcakes, last-minute vacuuming, adding some decor touches, telling children to stop touching the caramel apples and then the white couch.

It's pure madness.

However, with Addie's party this year, I truly did not have the time to go birthday party detail crazy like I normally do. Life handed us some heavy LIFE things to deal with this fall, and it just wasn't possible.

And you know something? Everyone still had a great time - especially Adaline. Which isn't that the point? She thought it was fantastic that so many people were in her house to play with. She loved watching the big kids jump in the bounce house, "learning to share" her new car with her friend Carson, the act of ripping into and opening presents, and she loved the happy birthday song (unlike her sister), and she LOVED the CAKE!

Oh, how she loved her homemade pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting - topped with an adorable birthday sparkler.

Never mind the fact that I forgot to have Addie paint a pumpkin at her pumpkin-painting party or to throw her gold and white birthday confetti that I was SO excited about. And I'm a bit bummed I didn't get more pictures of the going-ons at the birthday, but I'm just telling myself that's the sign of a really good party. Too busy having fun to remember to do anything else.

Addie, it was fun. Happy Birthday, Little One!

I like to call this "Accurate Portrayal of Marriage"  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Annual Trip to the Patch + Our Little Halloween Stinkers

Oh, this poor rusty little blog of mine.

Truth be told, I'm sad that it's taken the back burner for the last year. I wish I had the time and creative energy to write and create and document life with the littles. But I simply don't. Life has not paused for even one second since sweet Adaline was born and had my "third baby"/started a business shortly thereafter, and I don't see it slowing anytime soon.

But, my hope is to still share when I can (note to self : NO PRESSURE. Keep up when you are able!)

It has been a jam-packed fall, so crammed to the brim, that sometimes even the fun stuff has been overwhelming. But fun, nevertheless.

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the girls, and it didn't go quite as planned. And actually, it never really does. Lyla is usually sick or not feeling up to all the incessant pictures I feel are necessary.

We were completely unprepared for the weather - it was the first really cold day this fall with some intense Kansas-style wind. I forgot blankets for the girls, no one had jackets, and we made the mistake of getting to the patch a bit too close to lunch and nap time. Oh, and I didn't remember a bow for Addie. HOW was I going to get some good pictures with no BOW at the pumpkin patch??

We ended up running out of time for a family photo anyway, the girls got really cranky and we forgot to pick a pumpkin. #reallife But, Lyla did get to pick out a "patch" pumpkin at the gift shop for both her an Addie. For her, she picked the smallest little green gourd and named him Gordon (and slept with him every night for a week) and a little white pumpkin for Addie.

But we made some great memories, and even got a few pics anyway (thanks to Lauren who let us borrow Baby Isla's bow!)

Oh, but the Halloween festivities this year! The kiddos had a BALL and loved every bit of dressing up in their little homemade skunk costumes, and they sure didn't complain about all the extra attention. They wore their costumes FOUR times this year between dance class, trunk-or-treat at church, a friend's birthdayween, and trick or treating.

I'm still catching up from the excitement (and still sneaking candy from Ly's Halloween stash).

I've found that my "homemade" costumes get simpler and simpler every year. This year, I pieced together some outfits (and used Lyla's one year birthday party outfit for Addie), glued on some faux white fur to headbands and tails, and made Lyla a tutu. I made the mistake of putting fur on cat ears - everyone thought the girls were the cutest little black and white kitties. I corrected everyone before they could even finish their sentence. Skunk costume fail.

But it was so cute seeing how excited both girls got this year. Lyla rode the wagon with her little buddy Jack, and she proudly said "trick-or-treat" AFTER getting her candy in her trick or treat bag. And Addie jabbered and kicked and squealed and clapped her hands at every house we went to.

One of the craziest, but most FUN days of the year in the books!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Adaline is O-N-E

To My Baby Bug,

One year ago, you entered the world.

A day I will never forget and a day I have replayed in my mind over and over again this past week. 

I typically do this on birthdays. I get lost in my dreamlike "Birth Day Zone", thinking about those first few days and ever so poignant moments.

But this particular birthday milestone has caught me off guard. I feel a bit sad deep in my gut, like the wind has been knocked out of me.

I suppose it's because I'm not quite sure how one year went by so quickly. I wish I could start over and remember to stop every now and again. I want to beg and plead to my one year ago self to slow down and scream THIS WILL ALL GO BY PAINFULLY TOO FAST. I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.

I could have sworn I was just in that delivery room dozing off to Law and Order SVU with your dad, exhausted from hours of intense contractions. When all of a sudden the nurse came in and said, Ok, time to push!

I can still feel the intense adrenaline and dancing butterflies, so excited and ready to meet you. All I could think about was getting you out of my belly and into my arms, so ready to cozy up next to you and get lost in newborn land.

Before I knew it, both grandmas' gleeful squeals of Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! were filling the room, and your dad calmly and matter-of-factly saying, Well, I won. (Which was his way of announcing that you were a girl.)

I couldn't get your naked warm body on my chest fast enough, and I was surprised as a heap load of emotions suddenly took over my entire being and forced me to bawl like a baby. Because you were here and more beautiful than I imagined. And a girl. Meeting you was overwhelming as you completed our family puzzle.

My heart had a mind of its own as it grew and expanded and smiled so hard, it hurt.

I really can't believe a year has passed since you graced us with your sweet spirit, calm demeanor and playful curiosity. The baby year with you has been so fulfilling and has brought me such joy.

I am thankful that you're a cuddler, easy going, and extra forgiving - even when I make you skip your morning nap or I forget your snacks/blanket/stroller/pacifier. You roll with the punches kid, and I have loved everyday since you've been born.

You have been my little buddy this year, happily going with me everywhere I go. You've been my coffee date tag-a-long, my co-worker in meetings, my partner in grocery shopping and errand-running, and even my travel side kick.

There are so many things I love about you and this moment in time.

You have the cutest evenly-spaced gaps in between your 8 teeth (I think?) right now.

You practically dive to give the most aggressive, slobbery, open mouth kisses.

You are finally starting to sign more. Thank goodness. Because meal time is the only time you are a major drama queen. Your teachers at school had to tell us to pack more food because you yell (loudly) when your food is gone.

You follow your sister everywhere, and she's not (always) the biggest fan.

You are busy. So busy that GiGi and Bots have to take a nap when you leave their house. And so busy that you can't stand even one second of changing your diaper.

You love peeking out the window. But you really love it when one of us is outside the window and waves at you. The giggles and happy screams are absolute music to my ears.

You still love to curl in a ball and lay on my chest before you go to sleep.

You love the dog water bowls, and we often find you soaked from head to toe.

Oh how we love you so, baby bug. I'm so thankful to be your mom and happy to be along for the ride of your little life.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


"I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is now that you're in the world."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adaline Mae : 10 & 11 Months

Good grief.

How is it almost October? How is my BABY one month away from being one?

I seriously can't.

The past couple of months have been a blur, mostly due to demanding and completely overrated busy schedules, but also due to unavoidable life "stuff". So my apologies to my second born. If I sit down and think too long on the fact that all of this is going really quickly, I start to cry.

Because it really is going too fast.

Adaline, most recently called Lady A, is curious and feisty these days. She loves outlets and cords and getting into cabinets and drawers. This is all new to us. Well, not so new anymore, because Addie has broken us into the world of curious babies rather quickly.

She talks a lot, loves making loud noises with anything she can get her hands on, and barrels through the house like a wild animal. Quite the stark difference from her big sister who loves spending her mornings quietly reading in her room.

She loves cuddling and rocking to sleep. No matter how chaotic our days may be, I know I can always count on slowing down, turning my brain off and cuddling with Addie-Bug.

We are working really, really hard on signing "more" and "all done". Addie s-c-r-e-a-m-s for more. Screams. There is absolutely no patience when waiting for the next bite of food. This kid is 100% like her big sister in this fact.

My word, does she love the swing. Mostly because big sis loves the swing and Addie has to do everything Lyla does. But she smiles and giggles and kicks her feet back and forth, begging to be pushed.

Lady A is saying actual words. I can't remember for the life of me when Lyla started talking, but something tells me Addie will be the chatterbox. She says mama, dada, bye-bye, hi and lala (Lyla, her favorite person in the entire universe).

This sweet kiddo waves hi and bye-bye to everyone. When Grams comes over, when dad leaves for work in the morning, when we drop Lyla off at school. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Actually, I think Addie standing up and staring out the window is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

We took both babes on a lake trip with friends last month. It was so good for my soul on every account. I don't think I've ever heard a baby laugh as hard as Addie while riding the boat. She loved it. She did not, however, love the life jacket. Can't say I blame her.

She's going through this sharing phase. It's so darn sweet, I feel like my heart my rip in half. She picks things up and immediately holds them up for Gabe or I to see. She does this over and over again, looking up at us for approval.

This one is my littlest buddy. She happily totes along with me wherever I go - preschool drop-off, coffee with (adult) friends, work meetings, underwear shopping. And she loves it. Most of the time. Except when she skips her morning nap 3 days in a row. Then, she lets us know she's had enough of the running around all over town business.

Sigh. It is so strange that next month's post is O-N-E. I really can't quite grasp that.

So instead, I'm just going to focus on the fact that I have an 11 month old for now.