Thursday, November 12, 2015

Adaline's FIRST Birthday Celebration!

October was a whirlwind. A totally-nuts, jam-packed, weekends-full-of-fun month with birthdays out the wazoo, weddings, and Halloween.

Of course one of those birthdays was a little special someone's FIRST birthday.

And though Addie had one heck of a party - which included pumpkin painting, caramel apples, chili, and a bounce house - I admittedly did not put in the time that I would have liked into all the little details. Because I had no time. And I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would. Because I was too busy celebrating, having fun and loving on the birthday girl!

But of course our little Sweets had the time of her life eating her first cupcake, playing with her friends (who are really her big sister's friends), and getting a ridiculous amount of love and attention on her big day. I'm positive she didn't notice that I didn't cut out cupcake toppers or come up with special birthday dish names or pull an all nighter making birthday banners. #secondchildproblems

The morning of her birthday, Lyla couldn't contain her excitement. So, she barged right in and gave Addie a traditional Green birthday balloon celebration ceremony. And since Addie thinks Lyla walks on water, it was pretty much the best morning of her life. Because then we had PANCAKES, complete with a gold sparkly one candle. That I spray painted in the garage, and Gabe thought was ridiculous and toxic to our breakfast pancakes. But Addie loved that gold, sparkly one.

And she really loved all her new toys that she could climb on.

And then, birthday party day. You know how those are. So much running around, a laundry list of errands and things to pick up, prepping and making food, frosting cupcakes, last-minute vacuuming, adding some decor touches, telling children to stop touching the caramel apples and then the white couch.

It's pure madness.

However, with Addie's party this year, I truly did not have the time to go birthday party detail crazy like I normally do. Life handed us some heavy LIFE things to deal with this fall, and it just wasn't possible.

And you know something? Everyone still had a great time - especially Adaline. Which isn't that the point? She thought it was fantastic that so many people were in her house to play with. She loved watching the big kids jump in the bounce house, "learning to share" her new car with her friend Carson, the act of ripping into and opening presents, and she loved the happy birthday song (unlike her sister), and she LOVED the CAKE!

Oh, how she loved her homemade pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting - topped with an adorable birthday sparkler.

Never mind the fact that I forgot to have Addie paint a pumpkin at her pumpkin-painting party or to throw her gold and white birthday confetti that I was SO excited about. And I'm a bit bummed I didn't get more pictures of the going-ons at the birthday, but I'm just telling myself that's the sign of a really good party. Too busy having fun to remember to do anything else.

Addie, it was fun. Happy Birthday, Little One!

I like to call this "Accurate Portrayal of Marriage"  

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Leigh said...

Can`t believe that she is already one! The party still looks pretty fabulous :)