Friday, July 29, 2011

It's about time

We've been in our new house for 4 months.
And I haven't done one house post.
Not one.
I'd say it's about that time.
Wouldn't you?

Now. Keep in mind it is a
I know everyone says that.
But ours really is.

This is our very first house.
So we had to buy lots of stuff.
Like trash cans, lawn tools, and caulk.
Cause that's what homeowners buy.

And there is still not one thing on the walls.
Because I have a plan.
And eventually it will all come together.

But before I dive right into the house posts,
I have to show you my 3 favorite housewarming "gifts"
we received the week we moved in:

1. Love notes.
So, our dear sweet friends in RI helped Mr. Ruby
pack, haul, and load everything we owned into a moving truck.
Because I was already in KS...student teaching.
And when we unpacked, I found little notes from our besties.
In inconspicuous places.
Like behind picture frames.

2. The perfect card.
I'd say it is pretty fitting,
don't you agree?

3. A diagram of our street.
Yep. The day we moved in,
we heard a knock at the door.
It was our retired neighbor, Gary.
He decided to draw a diagram of our street
so we would know everyone's names (including dogs).
Wish I was retired so I could draw diagrams.
Thanks, Gary!

More house posts to come...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WILW - For the Love of Pinterest!

Somebody stop me.


I can't stop pinning.

And somebody tell me what am I supposed to do when I start school and no longer have time wakadoo Pinterest addiction ?!?!

So, I figured before things get mad-crazy (as if they already are not), I'd dedicate a WILW post to Pinterest.

I love so many things.

So let's get started.

1. I'm LOVING this idea. Write down memories throughout the year and then read a few on New Year's Eve. CUTE!

2. I'm LOVING high skirts and coral. Everything about this outfit is perfection.

3. I'm LOVING navy. Enough said.

4. I'm LOVING cute ideas for my classroom. I mean, could these apple cupcakes be any cuter for the first day of school?

5. I'm LOVING this photo wall. I plan to do something very similar in our living room. I've been following Nesting Place for a looong time now. And I'm obsessed with every.single.thing. in her house. Most of her stuff comes from garage sales or thrift shops.

6. I'm LOVING everything that is shabby chic. Everything. I die.

7. I'm LOVING this cute hairstyle on Miss Quinn Fabray from Glee. I plan to do exactly this for my MOH hair in my bestie's upcoming wedding.

What are YOU loving? And please tell me you're on Pinterest! Come on and play along in WILW with Jamie!!! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I miss the beach.

Yep. I've got a list a mile long of posts that are overdue.

Like, for example, posts about our house. That we have now owned since March.


Does anyone know the secret to slowing life down...even just a smidgen?

Well. I had a FANTASTIC time celebrating one of my bestie's bachelorette parties in Ft. Myers, Florida a week and a half ago.

Aside from the actual bachelorette night, no planning was involved. We slept in. Did whatever we wanted. Laughed. Lounged. Got a little crazy. And let me tell you, that is a way to "plan" a vacation. Have no plans at all.

But I digress.

So many highlights of the trip.

1. The most annoying bugs I've ever encountered in my entire life: No-See-Ems. Because you can't see em'...although you really can. We all left with these rascal-ly bites all over our bodies. (Yes this was a highlight - because it just got funny after awhile).

2. Our $2.00 inter tubes we bought at Target. These things were the lifeblood of our trip. And we looked so awesome walking around the beach with our matching floaties.

3. Homemade sangria. We bought ingredients to make a ton the first night. Well, we had to make a couple of grocery store runs every day after that in order to replenish because we somehow drank it all . It was hot out and we were thirsty. ;)

4. Everything about Sanibel Island. The beaches. The shelling. The Mucky Duck and it's perfect location to watch a sunset.

5. Making fools of ourselves the night we celebrated our bride-to-be. We made quite the spectacle as we wore ridiculous, bright-colored wigs out and about and sported blinking bling-rings.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back in Business

I feel refreshed.

Even in this ridiculous heat.

It could be because we fixed my AC in my car.

Or because I actually slept 7 hours last night instead of my recent 5 hours per night gig.

And I've had an exciting past couple of weeks. Busy. But exciting.

Last week, we had some of our VERY best friends in town from Rhode Island. It seemed like it would be an impossible job to entertain pals who practically grew up in the ocean, and here we are in the middle of the country: 100+ degree weather for the past 30 days, flat as a pancake, and well...not a whole lot to do.

But we had a FABULOUS time. Although I'm sure Kansas was quite the culture shock! ;)

Luckily we'll see them again soon. We're already gearing up for our next trip to Rhode Island to both be in another dear couple friends' wedding!!! Woo-hoo!!!