Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holy BUMP - 17 Weeks.

I've officially got the bump, Folks.
It literally appeared overnight.
We're talking, I posted a pic on Facebook while Gabe was at work and he called me utterly confused. Didn't even think it was me.
Overnight. I swear.
How far along: 17 weeks. And yes, I'm actually posting while still 17 weeks...even if it is only for 3 more hours. ;)

Maternity Clothes: Um. Not yet. However, the belly band is working in overtime. None of my pants will zip! That's what happens when you're on spring break for a week...
Time to go shopping. Pronto.

Gender: ??? Have felt boy the entire pregnancy. But now, I'm questioning my gender guessing abilities. One of my besties revealed her babe's gender this week...and I was SURE I knew. But I was SURE wrong.

Side note:
I don't think there is anything more fun than being pregnant with one of your best friends since fourth grade...AND having our babies due 9 days apart. I couldn't resist getting our soon-to-be-bff babies a cute little something for them to wear out together.

Movement: Oh.my.goodness. Felt the first flutter this week. There is NOTHING more amazing. Felt like I swallowed a butterfly. Kept begging little babe to do it again. No such luck.

Sleep: Finally caved and bought a body pillow. Best decision ever. However, I'm still trying to figure out how to turn to bring the whole thing with me when I need to switch sides. So. I'm really only comfortable while sleeping on my left side...

What I miss: Being in control of my body.

Cravings: LOVING Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk. Mmm. And still LOVING my prenatal swimming class. I seriously love Mondays because of it.

Other crazy symptoms: None this week. I've felt so incredibly...normal.

Size of Babe: Sweet potato. How cute!

Best Moment this week: Spending quality time with both of our families this weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and who doesn't love burgers, baked beans, and potato salad? It was so great - while the boys sat outside and smoked cigars, the gals stayed inside and chatted about childbirth. My how things have changed...

Getting surprised by the hubs to go see Hunger Games. Loved the book. Loved the movie. Love my hubby for putting up with annoying tweens on opening night.

Belly Pics:

And because my husband thought it was so hilarious...

Yes. That is a Bud Light.
Yes. I am one classy mama.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

16 Week Update

I am actually 17 weeks today.
17 weeks.

Time is flying.

I promise to at least try to get better about posting more up-to-date... rather than a week behind. ;)

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Still not yet. But it's my spring break, and I haven't left the house because it's been raining all week...so I've been wearing sweatpants the past 3 days. So maybe without me even knowing...

Gender: Don't know yet. Still totally feeling boy.

My mom had a dream a few weeks back it was a boy. Two days ago, she dreamt it was a girl. Heartbeat has been consistently 156, so the nurse thinks girl. Our doctor has "a feeling" it's a boy, and so he has named him Garrison Green in his records. (P.S. I LOVE my doctor). So who knows???

Movement: Not yet. But doc says any day now...

Sleep: Like a beauty. Although, I have been waking up with achy hips. Really achy.

What I miss: I miss not having to worry about reading the warning labels on food, drinks, medications, face wash, etc. Ugh.

Cravings: Still no major cravings. Although, I went through a couple-week period where I was just starving. I mean, so hungry I felt that I could eat a meal for me and two sets of triplets. That's been the hardest thing - trying to curb my hunger. Don't get me wrong, if I crave something, I eat it. But, I'm really trying not to have the, "I'm pregnant so I can eat for 2 grown men" mentality. My doctor is really big on gaining slowly and consistently. Doing good so far...

Other crazy symptoms: I've experienced a couple of pregnancy brain moments. Although, I hate to admit, I think I've always had a case of pregnancy brain. Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I'm talking about. ;)

Size of Babe: A turnip! Five inches long - our little babe is growing up so fast!

Best Moment this week:
Moment #1: Getting to hear that strong little heartbeat again. So touching. I was more emotional this time than last time. It sounded like it was going to pump right through my belly.
Moment #2: Oh. And I am officially blessed with the best in laws ever. I mean ever. They have so graciously decided to take care of the babe when I go back to work. I mean, this is HUGE. And what a relief. It is by far the most stressful thing to figure out where to send your baby for full-time care. What.a.relief. And an even bigger blessing!
Moment #3: Two words: Date Night. We are trying to keep this up so that it sticks as habit when little babe gets here.

Trying a new little Mediterranean place. Baba Ghanoush - Love saying that.
Bump Pics:

Haven't you heard? The wet dog look is in. Please forgive. ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My how things change. 15 weeks and counting...

Well. It's happened.
My blog has now become a journal entry documenting my pregnancy. I swore it would never happen. BUT. It's my blog. And I want to remember these moments.
I'm actually going to be 16 weeks tomorrow (HOLY FOUR MONTHS ALREADY?), but I wanted to give a quick 15 week update.
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I know I'm going to regret saying this...but where is my cute baby belly? I've gotten a little over-eager and bought a few maternity things and a belly band. Still haven't used either yet. Don't necessarily WANT to get into maternity clothes yet...just want a cute bump. ;)

Gender: This is by far the number one question I get asked when people find out I'm expecting. Yes, we ARE finding out. Little babe was already quite the surprise, so I'd like to at least try to plan for a few things. ;)

Movement: Not yet. Can't wait for the little flutters.

Sleep: I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life. I get in bed about 9:30 every night. And I'm lucky to say...I'm still sleeping like a baby. Except for those pee breaks...

What I miss: Not much. Although, I DESPERATELY crave a cold turkey sandwich. I think that will be the first thing I eat post babe - 1 footlong turkey sandwich from Mr. Goodcents.

Cravings: No major cravings - so boring! However, I have eaten a bowl of ice cream every night this week. It's what I look forward to all.day.long.

Oh. And I kind of crave fitness. This is definitely a newfound love. I've always somewhat worked out, but never really got into a routine. Now, I have to get in at LEAST a 30 minute walk every day. I sort of crave it. And feels so good during and after. I especially LOVE prenatal yoga and swimming!

Other crazy symptoms: Now that the pain of first trimester is over, I don't really have any crazy symptoms. I'm not emotional or overly cranky. Ok. I lied. I had my first breakdown last night.

Size of Babe: Avocado. Speaking of...guac sounds amazing right about now.

Best Moment this week: After a particularly crazy moment/emotional breakdown, one of my kiddos found a note buried in one of their "popcorn tubs". (The tubs are a reward system I use, and I had taken them home to wash for fresh popcorn.) I opened the note, and it was from my sweet hubby. Just a little reminder that he loves me even if I'm a crazed pregnant woman.
And being surprised by hubby when he stops me, bends down to my belly, and says "Hey bebe. Hey there." So cute.
Oh. And getting a little onsie from some Rhode Island friends that says, "Somebody in Rhode Island loves me!" Adorable!
Bump Pics:
Yes. I've provided 2 pictures this week.
No. I'm not vain.
I simply was just trying to get the best belly angle. I really do have a belly. It really just looks like I had one too many bowls of ice cream. Or chicken burritos. Which hey - maybe I did.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear Time, I need to catch my breath. Thanks.

Where has the time gone?

I'm already 1 week into my second trimester.
And I haven't even done one pregnancy update post.

It's a funny thing.
How time doesn't stop for even one second.
Not even when you're world gets rocked.
You know.
Like when you find out you're having a BABY.

I'm going to try my darndest to do weekly posts.
TRY being the key word.

In a nutshell over the last 15 weeks.

How am I feeling? It's amazing how I hit 12 weeks and instantly turned back into a human being. Before that? I was pretty miserable. At times, unbearably miserable. Part of me feels as though I can't say I had terrible "morning" sickness because I never once vomited.

However, don't let this fact fool you. I was nauseated 100% of the time I was awake. At times, I sat by the toilet and PRAYED to throw up. It just never happened.

On top of that? I was absolutely exhausted. My job already takes every.single.ounce. of energy out of me. But add first trimester fatigue...and witness a living zombie.

Overall, I'm feeling quite better. I still have moments where I'm like, "Oh no. It's baaaack..."

Cravings? Eh. Not really.

I am a VERY healthy eater, and I have continued my healthy ways.
I've been pretty good about avoiding things I shouldn't eat: e.g. fast food.
BUT, I do allow myself to indulge at least once a day with something sweet. :)

Funny Changes? Um, since when do I like hot coffee?

Yes. I AM drinking caffeine.
No. Not a lot.
Doc AND What to Expect say it's okay in moderation.
So moderation is what I live by.

But, I have never, ever, ever liked hot drinks.
Now? I am obsessed with a hot cup of coffee.
And freezing cold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Another change?
Holy Double D's.

Most exciting things so far?

Telling friends and family.
Gabe started talking to the babe last week. So.Cute.
Ordering a crib.
Spending every Saturday with Gabe and the pups with a hot cup of coffee and internet searching for babe stuff for HOURS.
Hearing the heartbeat - I'm in love.

So. I think that's it for now.

Here are some "belly" pics from past weeks. I do promise that I AM sporting a belly at the moment.

Actually, I am currently going through the "softening" phase.
It is not cute.