Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is the weekend seriously over?

Man, time flies.

We had a fantastic weekend. But I feel like I blinked, and it was over.

Exactly one week ago, we depressingly arrived back home from vacation.

We are already in the process of talking about where we are going to go on our next vacation. I mean, who really wants to live in reality? I think I'm just going to go on vacation...permanently.

I'm going to condense the last half of our vaca into this post because I other items keep creeping up that I want to blog about.

So enjoy the last of our cruise.

Highlights included: St. Maarten, Unwanted sights at the nude beach (yes, we went to a nude beach but did NOT partake in the dresscode), renting jet skis (one of the funnest things we have ever done), pina coladas and raspberry rum, the best cheeseburger I've ever tasted, the downturn of the weather, cute monkey towel animal, the nonstop growing of my face, banging on our friends' doors at 4 a.m. because we went out and they went to sleep, and hot chocolate in bed with the girls.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Does it EVER slow down?!?!


My life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks/months, and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. More details to come in later posts...along with this week's trip to Austin details soon to follow.

I do of course have to continue with my Caribbean vacation posts.

Sorry if you're sick of them. But I enjoy reliving every moment.

Just to lessen the pain for you...I condensed a couple of days/events into one post. :)

I do have quite a hilarious story though. Valentines Day evening (see previous post), we got all fancied up and went to dinner. One half of our table sat next to their significant others, while my half of the table sat across from their significant others...just how the seating arrangements worked out that evening.

Well, a photographer came by to take our photos. This happened every night at dinner. No big deal. Thought nothing of it.

So, a couple of nights go by, and we're walking by the photo station where they post every picture taken on the cruise.

Suddenly we stop, gasp, and hit the ground hysterically laughing trying so hard not to pee ourselves.

There it is.

The most romantic photo of all:

So funny! You better believe we left the photo there for comedic relief and to create a conversation piece for all on the ship to ponder with curiosity...

To sum up the highlighted events: bromance, day of relaxation in St. Thomas (the new love of my life), humid hair, the continuous and obvious consequences of our 9 meal-a-day feasts, the beautiful Magen's Bay, RUM distillery, and another creation of a 1 a.m. dance party on the balcony.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serious Withdrawals. Serious.

I am having some major withdrawals.
  • I have had severe hunger pains since Sunday because I am no longer eating 8 meals a day. No seriously, I'm starving.
  • I miss my cruise friends dearly. I feel a vacancy from not seeing them 19 hours a day.
  • I need the CARIBBEAN waters and relaxation.
I've said it before and I mean it: I am meant to be a stay-at-home-vacationer.


Until I have my big break, I will continue to relive through pics.
Central theme of the evening: Valentines Day and LOVE! Our good friends got ENGAGED on the cruise. Talk about a proper celebration. We celebrated all night long!!!

Other series of events: too many cranberry vodkas; the beginning of each person ordering 2 appetizers, entrees and desserts; the bitter battle between Mr. Ruby and his pants, and creating our own dance party on the deck.

P.S. Blogger is being terribly temperamental this I'm afraid I won't be able to upload any more photos.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow of course! :)