Saturday, February 6, 2010

Temptation ALWAYS Wins


Especially when it comes to any of the following below.

I'm not joking. I absolutely cannot and have not ever said no.


1). Sales. But, it has to be Big. Like a really good deal. I love me some 50% off or BoGo.

2). Cookies. No, really. I am the Cookie Monster. I cannot resist cookies...ever. I mean, I can control myself by having half or even a couple of bites. But temptation definitely wins every.single.time. with this one.


3). On the Border. Never, ever turn this one down. I seriously have to have Mexican food at least once a week. Everyone back home makes so much fun of me because we have the most amazing and truly authentic Italian food in Rhode Island. But I still want OTB. Ridiculous.


4). Charity/Cute Kids. Oh man. This one definitely gets me every time. Your son or daughter is selling ridiculously overpriced popcorn? I'll buy it. Extremely bitter lemonade sold at the stand on the corner? I'll take some. You want a donation to an animal shelter? I'll gladly give you my whole bank account.

I seriously can't say no.

Well, I think a delicious chocolate chip cookie is calling my name.

Gotta run...


Freck said...

hThese are so hard to say no to! ESPECIALLY those delicious cookies!

Sarah Ann said...

This is such a cute post! It's making me wonder what things I can't say no to...or the things I always can!

Jen said...

LOL Cute post! We went to On the Border Thursday night - mmm!

Ashleigh said...

Ha! I'm totally with you on the mexican! I'm an addict to say the least! I canNOT pass up some chips n' salsa for the life of me! My husband's not a fan so he thinks I'm nuts! At least I'm not the only one!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You sound like me -- I love it!