Monday, April 27, 2015

Adaline Mae : 6 Months (I'm Sorry. Come Again?)

I can't believe it either.

Halfway to the year mark. I remember Lyla's first year going fast. But nothing like this first year with my sweet baby bug.

It honestly stings. Hard.

But this age. Oh, this age is oh so sweet. Just like every other age and stage that I adore so much. Adaline is 100% smiles for miles and cheeks for weeks. I don't think she's ever not smiling. Or talking. Or flailing her chubby baby legs in excitement. I have a feeling she may just be our vibrant wild child.

And it's so fun seeing the differences between her and her big sister. Both such unique personalities and equally fun and special in their own way. But there is one thing they definitely have in common - they adore each other. It's so touching to see their sister bond starting at such a young age. I love it more than anything.

This has been a significant month all around. Several firsts, so many changes, so much FUN!

- This little gal has her social pants on all day everyday. Big sis Lyla was smiley and talkative with those she knew well, but Adaline jabbers and squeals and makes happy yells all the livelong day! She loves all living things and likes to party. My mom tells me all the time that Adaline is so similar to how I was as a baby. I think we may have a mini-me on our hands.

- She loves listening to music and her sister's silly songs. She mimics by singing da-da-da-da all day long. I'm pretty sure "dad" will be her first word. And that's ok. Because Lyla said ma-ma first. ;)

- I flew solo for the first time with baby to go meet up with Gabe while he traveled for work. Even with a suitcase, a duffle bag and a really chunky baby, I honestly wasn't nervous one bit. She did outstanding. Much better than our trip to San Francisco because sweet babe wasn't sick this time around. I nursed her at takeoff and landing, she napped the entire flight and I read my chapter for bible study AND got some work done. I was seriously more productive than in a two week span at home.

- I'm so happy we had some one on one time with Adaline in Atlanta while Lyla "vacationed" at BOTH sets of grandparents'. It was such a treat to give her undivided attention. Plus, she got to play with her newest little buddy, Liam while mom and dad had adult time. {HOW did I ever think having one child was hard? It was such a breeze.}

- Addie-babe sprouted her FIRST TOOTH this month. I noticed it after she bit down on my finger. And honestly, I had a hunch the week before because she had a super fussy day, which is completely unlike her. I had a moment of panic because I sort of forgot how to handle fussy babies. So, I gave her some baby Tylenol, Hyland teething tablets and Lyla's old amber teething necklace. Didn't really think about it again. Until a few days later, that little sucker broke through. Then, just before our trip to Atlanta, I noticed her SECOND TOOTH. I may have shed a tear. I'm not quite ready for all these changes.

- I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet. Girlfriend sleeps with her eyes OPEN. Did you know that's a thing? I googled it. We're talking wide-open. And it is terrifying. One afternoon as I was checking on her during nap time, she was "looking" right at me with glazed over eyes. I ran over to the crib and shook her and started yelling like a crazy woman, and she woke up. She had been in a deep sleep! GiGi and Bots witnessed it too one night when they were babysitting. Super creepy.

- Little miss personality loves to bend backwards. She does this for two reasons 1. to try to get out of whatever seated position she's in and 2. To make eye contact with you if she's faced outward. I'm not quite sure how she does it exactly. But she twists and bends into the most uncomfortable looking position so that she's upside-down looking you straight in the eye. It's hilarious and adorable.

- I was caught completely off guard this month when our little Bug started rolling over. I left her on her playmat, went into the kitchen for something, and came back to find her on her belly. Now, she does it in her crib all the time and sometimes gets stuck. So we obviously stopped swaddling. It was just so surprising because Lyla didn't roll until super late, and even when she did, it was only a handful of times. Addie is a lot more...motivated than her big sis. She scoots all over her crib and tries to get out of every seat we put her in, making it so we have to belt her in to everything. I don't think we buckled Lyla EVER (except for the carseat). We'll probably also have to baby proof the house with this one.

- Last month, she was all about the hands. This month is, what big sis likes to call, "her little feets". Oh how she LOVES those feet sweet baby toes.

- Nursing is still going great. I try to pump every now and again to stock up on bottles so mama can have some time away. But just like I did with Lyla, I don't respond well to pumping and get a very sad little amount. Which makes me so thankful to not have to be working full time and stressed about pumping. But she is entering the distracted phase which means she'll only focus when it's dark and quiet - too many other exciting things going on to eat!

- I remember Lyla doing this exact same catch-you-off-guard move. Addie sneak attacks by grabbing nearby body parts and gnawing on whatever is in front of her. I'll be cuddling with her and think she's asleep and BOOM. She starts eating my face or chomping my arm. She also grabs hair and cheeks really hard. I'll hear Lyla saying from the other room "Oww! Please stop. PLEASE STOP."

- Sleeping is going great too. Aside from when she's sick {and wakes every.single.hour.}Addie goes down around 7 and wakes up around 7 or 7:30. She's never really been a rockstar napper though. This could be due to the fact that we're out and about a lot, and she's not given the princess sleep treatment like Lyla received. Poor second baby. :( I do always try to make sure we're home for at least two really solid naps though. And she doesn't seem to complain. About anything. Ever.

Happy six months, sweet Bug. Goodness, this little ol' heart of mine is full to the brim.