Friday, February 27, 2009

You want a job...really?

I recently posted the Top 10 ways NOT to get a job.

I have a few more to add to my list. I swear I keep meeting people that are trying their absolute hardest NOT to get a job.

Yesterday, I hosted final interviews for my company. Let me set the mood. It's a fairly intense process. We fly candidates out. Set them up in a hotel. Take them to breakfast. Take them up to their interviews (that last an hour and a half total) where they interview with 3 VP's of the company. We take them up to our executive dining room (where jackets are required) and send them on their way.

So, I had to take around 3 candidates yesterday. Two of the three had arrived (the third was a local candidate in Boston). I tried calling him and when he answered I said "Name, are you still planning on attending your final interview this morning?" He mumbled something (I would soon find out that he mumbled just about everything he said) and stated that he was about 15 minutes away. He didn't apologize. He didn't sound frazzled. Ok, if this were me...I would be frickin sweating BULLETS!

So, I take the others to breakfast. When my third candidate shows up (we'll call him Mumbles) I think to myself "Oh dear Lord. I'm being Punk'd." He was THIRTY minutes late and still did NOT apologize!!! Mumbles walked in and looked like he hadn't even showered in a couple of days. Although he was wearing a suit, it looked like he just got it off his dorm floor.

At this point, we have 10 minutes until I have to take them up to their interviews. He mumbles "What's for breakfast?" in a very rude and demanding tone. I snidely mention, "Well, you should probably just grab a muffin." Mumbles heads to the table with his breakfast, demolishes the poor muffin by crushing it into mini crumbles and says with a scowl on his face "This muffin is really dry." (Meanwhile, muffin debris is flying all over the place...I think a soggy crumb even landed on my hand) Wow.

So, after the interviews, I go back up to meet the candidates and give them a tour of our facility. Along with making multiple stupid comments that I couldn't understand, Mumbles states "It smells like fish around here" And started laughing this horribly geeky, hideous laugh. Did I miss the joke?

Finally, after a very awkward morning, I take the candidates up to lunch in our Executive Dining Room. I can't even enter the dining room because I don't have access. Someone has to let us in. Again, jackets are required. And Mumbles proceeds to not only check his cell phone during lunch but he BURPED! He didn't even say excuse me.

Needless to say...Mumbles will DEFINITELY not be getting an offer. In fact, I don't have a clue how he even made it this far. Whoever interviewed him in the first place was on something, that's for sure.


Happy Friday to everyone. I'm so excited because we're going skiing at the number 1 ski resort in Maine. I can't WAIT.

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my groin. I'm nursing it all day today. Hopefully I come off the slopes able to walk!

Can't wait to post pics...have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

OUCH - My groin!

No, this is not a racy, scandalous post. 

But my groin is in some serious pain.

I'm not quite sure what happened. I started running a few months ago and things have been going beautifully. But the groin started hurting a few days ago, and I ignored it. I ran. Every day. Two -Three miles at a time.

Now, my groin is punishing me. I spent about half my morning researching what to do for groin strains. However, my company's network security is stricter than the frickin CIA and when I typed into Google  something as innocent as "how to help a strained groin" - it got blocked for "tasteless information".

Oh well. I'm just hanging out with an ice pack and giving it some rest. Oh because did I mention that my groin HAS to heal before this weekend because we're going SKIING!!!

My groin is NOT going to thank me.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weiner Wednesday

Good morning everyone!

I'm writing to you before work because I have an event tonight...and let's be honest, I'm procrastinating. I really just don't feel like going to work today. Nothing I'm dreading at work or anything, just REALLY don't feel like going.

Also, is anyone else getting the winter blahs? I mean, I feel like this winter has been dreadfully long. All I can think about is spring and all of its fun activities.

Well, I better go blow dry my hair. Although, I'd much rather go back upstairs and get in my comfy bed. This little doxie has the RIGHT idea!

doxie on bottle2

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion Faves

I can't help it. I simply LOVE the fashion and frill of award shows. It's my weakness. I love all things classic, elegant and sparkly (not on the dress but on the neck, wrist and fingers...where anything sparkly should be!)

I love so many different styles, but I must say that my two new favorites are Kate Winslet and I absolutely ADORE Taraji Hensen (from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button). There were so many beautiful dresses from the show last night, it was hard to pick. But here are a few of my faves!






Oh...and can't forget Alicia! She looked STUNNING!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Likely Travel Neighbors

Well, I made it back from yet another trip. I was in Bloomington, IL to attend the Illinois State career fair. It was much more successful than the last one! I even got the chance to see one of my best buds from college who recently moved to Chicago. We had a fabulous time catching up and eating Mexican food and ice cream. :)


So, I'm one of those people who simply does not have good luck. With anything really. I never win...ever. The most awkward situations always find their way to me. I embarrass myself all the time. And I'm a medical anomaly - I've had some of the oddest medical issues that even doctors can't comprehend.  (We'll save that for another blog). So, it's safe to say that when I'm traveling, at least 2 of every 3 flights, it's inevitable for me to sit next to someone unenjoyable.

The following are a list of travel neighbors I've had the pleasure of sharing flights with. I'm sure with my luck, the list will continue to grow.

1). The Snorer - To wake him or not to wake him is the question. This is one of those situations where YOU actually start to feel embarrassed because the poor chap next to you is snoring so loud that people are glaring. Not to mention you can't even hear yourself think...let alone get any reading done.

2). The Talker - I've mentioned this before. When I fly, I like to either sleep or read. Notice that talking is not on my agenda. However, I often times get stuck next to individuals that have this undeniable desire to talk to me. About anything. Where they're going, their marriage, their job, their health problems, their 16th birthdays  etc. etc. These definitely make for long flights.

3). The Starer - You ever have that feeling when you just KNOW someone is staring at you? Try sitting next to that starer. I have. I had someone who looked over my shoulder while I read. So, I decided to take a nap. When I peeped one of my eyes open...he was STARING at me. SO creepy.

4). The Salesman - This may be the WORST of all. Yep, I think it is. I sat next to this man that spent our 2 and a half hour flight trying to first sell me wireless technology something-or-other. Then, he moved on to say "actually how would YOU like to work for me? I can guarantee you will make DOUBLE what you're making now." First of all, he had no idea how much I made. Secondly, he wore elastic polyester pants and velcro shoes. I'm not about to 1. buy anything from this man 2. DEFINITELY not even THINK about working for this man.

5). The Sickie - I've sat next to plenty of neighbors who hacked and sneezed...all over me. This of course is why I devoutly take my EmergenC before any flight. I'm not kidding, one time my neighbor sneezed, and I felt a snot droplet on my hand. Sick. Literally.

6). The Scaredy-Cat - Haha. This one is actually sort of humorous. I've sat next to a couple of people who were scared to death of flying. They kept gasping, squealing and would often times forget to breathe. Oh, and one of them kept putting her arms out as if to protect herself from falling. I actually had one colleague who sat next to a Scaredy-Cat that held his HAND the entire flight. How awkward!

7). The Smelly-Cat - Unfortunately, I've had the Smelly-Cat a few too many times. Even on my last flight. This is a person who simply has not bathed...maybe ever. I had one that smelled like cigarettes dipped in poo. I thought I was going to gag for an entire hour and a half.

8). The Drunk - The name says it all. You know, that person sitting next to you who has about 7 too many bourbon and sodas. The one who starts sitting on the man behind her, yelling at the girl across from her, slurring and cursing like a sailor. Yeah, I think we've all experienced that one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm off...yet again!

Well, I'm off to my next destination. Should be a bit more successful than my last trip because we've been to this fair before and have always found a ton of qualified candidates.

I'll be back to the blogging world in just a couple of days...can't wait to update you with (hopefully) some more fun travel stories. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Top 10 ways NOT to get a job

On Friday, I returned home from a horribly unsuccessful career fair (in which will remain un-named.) And let me tell you, it was almost like these job searchers were looking to REPEL jobs. I'm serious. It was AWFUL!!! I mean, you would think during this incredibly rough economic time, people would be trying to put their best foot forward. Well, that was definitely not the case during my recent trip.

I decided to come up with a list of things NOT to do when looking for a job...ALL based on the incredibly odd things I witnessed at this career fair. NOTHING is exaggerated! Be prepared to be amazed. During this particular fair, they did open it up to the public...which may have been the reason for some of these faux pas.

Mrs. Ruby's Top 10 Ways NOT to Get a Job

1). Show up to a career fair with pink/purple/blue hair.

2). Completely understandable if you have tattoos and/or piercings. However with tattoos, try your hardest to cover them up...especially the naked lady on your arm. Oh, and I would strongly suggest you take out the 4 inch-in-diameter ring from your nose if trying to enter the corporate world.

3). Do NOT go to a career fair simply for the freebies. This.Is.Rude. A man actually walked up to our booth and said "I really love pens. I collect them. I have a cigar box full of hundreds of em'. Can I have one of yours?"

4). Don't walk up to a booth while still talking on your blue tooth headset. Seriously? This happened...a few times.

5). TRY not to bring your baby/clan of children with you to a career fair. Ok, this may seem heartless. I guess if you can't find a babysitter, then make sure your child is WELL-BEHAVED and do NOT put them on a leash. Under any circumstance. (Disclaimer: I love children, but not appropriate for a career fair. Would you bring them to an interview?)

6). Do not wear a tye die t-shirt, Birkenstocks, and peace sign earrings all while carrying a steaming cup of hot coffee in a homemade mug. I'm all about hippies, peace, and free-spirits...just not when looking for a job people!

7). Don't wear a Miller Light, Bud Light, Corona or ANY other alcoholic beverage baseball cap. Ever.

8). Don't approach an employer while sucking on a giant lollipop.

9). Do NOT say "I'm looking for ANYTHING I can get". Even if you're thinking makes you look desperate.

10). Do not under ANY circumstance wear stonewash jeans, a glittery cardigan around your waste, and a belly shirt. This will definitely not help you get a job.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Although I LOVE the colors and decor that Valentines Day brings...I'm not really one to love the holiday. I enjoy the lacey doilies, pink and red hearts, and CANDY, but that's about as far as it goes. I really just don't like the idea of having a Hallmark-created holiday where you express your love to your significant other at a ridiculously overly priced upscale restaurant. In fact, Mr. Ruby and I are "celebrating" with some of our favorite pals at a little hole-in-the-wall sushi place tonight.

However, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Whether you're spending the night out with your favorite gals, staying in watching chick-flicks or spending it with your favorite cutie at dinner and then snuggling...I hope you all have a fantastic evening!

In honor of Valentines Day, I WOULD like to give a shout out to some of my all time FAVORITE couples.


Harry &  Sally in the infamous "I'll have what she's having" scene


Zack & Kelly - who didn't love these high school sweethearts?


Beauty & The Beast - testament that true beauty is on the inside


Jack & Rose - their hearts will go on and on


Ross & Rachel - the ULTIMATE  perfect couple


Nick & Jessica - still rooting for them to get back together


Dan & Serena - Just stay together already


Edward & Bella - My very favorite love story


Happy Valentines Day!

Love, The Rubies

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weiner Wednesday

Hi All! It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Weiner Wednesday because I've been traveling so much.

I'm actually getting ready to head out to New Mexico...but I wanted to leave you with such a cute video. It's only 30 seconds, and it is quite hilarious.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank the GOOD Lord I made it through this!

We had to give ANOTHER presentation today.

There I was.

Standing at the front of the amphitheater with my microphone. Looking out at my audience. With my PowerPoint behind me the size of a movie screen.

There they were. Multiple departments. Assistant Vice Presidents. The EXECUTIVE Vice President. And my CEO. I couldn't miss his bright red sweater slip in the back and take a seat dead center.

My hands began to shake.

The heat began to tingle throughout my body

I felt the rapidly rising cherry-red hue of my face.

I started to sweat.

My heart was pounding so hard, I seriously thought it was going to burst through my chest and fall out on the floor.

My mouth suddenly went completely dry, and I felt like it was full of DRY cotton.

The chunks began to rise to my throat.

I said a little prayer "Jesus, PLEASE help me through this presentation".

Before I knew it, my turn was over, and I handed it to two of my colleagues. All three of us nailed it. I felt so proud. I felt on top of the world. I thanked the Lord over and over again.

Now, it's done. We received so many compliments and our CEO was very impressed...or so he said.

Phew. Now, I can breathe again.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not sure how to rate it


Mr. Ruby and I went to see "Revolutionary Road" this weekend- the new Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio movie. I heard excellent things about this movie and was super excited because who DIDN'T love the duo in Titanic???

I'm not quite sure how to explain my feelings toward the movie.

Did I like it? Yes. I really liked it. Oscar worthy? Yes. Most definitely. Did I get attached to the characters? Oh my goodness yes.

But, I can't put my finger on it...I don't know how to explain my feelings or if I would allow myself to see it again. It was the most real and enthralling movie I've seen. But there wasn't an ounce of action or plot development. However it made you THINK! It was one of those movies where you leave the theatre in utter silence, wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, and are still thinking about it 2 days later.

I don't want to give anything away...and I won't. But I will say, it was by far the most depressing movie I've ever seen. From the very first scene, I felt overwhelmingly melancholy. And like I said, the feeling continued throughout my weekend. Yet, I didn't shed ONE tear during the actual movie! I couldn't believe it. I seriously cry in 1 in every 3 movies (ask my best friends or Mr. Ruby). I'm always crying. Yet, I didn't even glimmer a tear. Again, unexplainable.

I guess if I had to give it a review, I'd give it four and a half out of five stars. And I highly recommend it. It is just so REAL. Just make sure you have nothing else planned afterwards...because you'll be tied up in your thoughts. At least I was.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

HELP! I need to plan a vaca!

Ok, so Mr. Ruby and I have been talking quite a bit lately about needing a major vacation! It has been amazing living in New England because there is so much to do...BUT, we feel like we need to take some time off work and really plan a good vaca.

So, I need your help. We want to plan something for our anniversary (which isn't until the summer). But we want a good start. There are so many...TOO many options. Cruises. Romantic getaways in the Caribbean. Wine country. Spa packages. New England-esque bed and breakfasts. The list goes on and on.

Where should we go? What should we do? 

Although we are willing to spend some cash...we definitely have a budget. We don't want to break the bank.

I need some ideas!!!

We love the outdoors. We love to relax. We love the beach. What do we do?










Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can't judge a book by its cover...

It had been a long day of interviews.

I was wandering the Madison Wisconsin airport trying to pass the time before my flight.

I bought some cheese curds. Because really, can you go to Wisconsin without trying the cheese?

Finally, it was time to board the plane. I was so tired and couldn't wait to take a nice nap on my two hour flight home.

The plane was completely full...and only one seat remained. Next to the rapper-looking gentleman who was wearing  some major "ice" (a HUGE diamond-encrusted "B" for Boston), an Ed Hardy t-shirt, baggy jeans, and a backwards cap. Oh, and did I mention, he not only took up his seat, but half of mine as well. I smiled politely and said "Excuse me sir, I believe I'm in 8-D."

He looked embarrassed (as did I) and tried to move over as much as possible. I sat in an incredibly awkward position sort of leaning sideways.

Great. This was going to be a long flight. So much for my nap.

After an hour of trying to get comfortable and cursing to myself for having such bad luck, the nice man struck up a conversation. At first, I was annoyed. Then, I realized he was quite interesting.

We got to talking and he was flying back to Boston from LA. He was visiting his cousin who just so happened to be Cora Skinner... a certain Brody Jenner's girlfriend. He then proceeded to ask "Have you heard of the show the Hills?"

Um. Yes.

Well, apparently he hangs out with the entire cast all the time when he visits L.A. He even had the pictures and videos to prove it. He gave me the scoop on everyone. ;) Oh, AND he mentioned that he was in the movie "Gone Baby Gone" directed by Ben Affleck (whom he mentioned was the nicest guy EVER). Apparently my new plane buddy played the large gangsta drug dealer. I'll definitely have to be sure to rent that one. He also just finished a movie with Keanu Reeves. So cool.

As much as I enjoy talking to and meeting new people, I really don't like to talk to my plane neighbors. I like to read or nap. However, this guy was so cool. Thanks new plane buddy for being the highlight of my night.

gone baby gone

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I only have a few minutes until my next interview...

But I'm sick.

I'm tired.

And it is -5 degrees out (with a -30 degree windchill).

Boo. :(

Monday, February 2, 2009

My sheets are cold

They don't even have time to get warm because because I'm always traveling. If I'm not traveling, then Mr. Ruby is.

This week, Mr. Ruby is in Canada while I'm in Madison, Wisconsin. Couldn't our jobs send us to like the South Pacific? I leave my snowy lands only to travel to other snow-infested regions of the country. Boo.

So, you'll have to forgive my spotty blogging patterns lately. I'm in the thick of recruiting season which makes me travel about 40% of the time. It's so hard to keep up with the blog...but I promise to catch up and start commenting again soon. Just hang with me! :)

Well. Surprise, surprise. I think I'm getting sick. I'm taking all the EmergenC you can possibly imagine and drinking about 86 ounces of water a day. I really can't get sick right now! I'm hoping to sleep it off tonight and plan to hit the sheets at 9:00. Loser!

Also on my mind: Food. I can't stop thinking about it. I've been really good about working out lately, but my healthy diet hasn't been going quite so well. I have the worst sweet tooth ever. Check out some of my favorite low-cal treats that help me through my sweet cravings:

Jello Sugar-Free Pudding Snacks (the caramel and banana/fudge are so fabulous!) Only 1 WW point


Whole Grain Pop Tarts (you have to get the ones with extra fiber) only 3 WW points


My new FAVORITE find: Bees Knees Peanut Butter - it's non hydrogenated which means not processed. So delicious!



In other news...check out the following giveaways. Not only are the giveaways so tempting, but their blogs are two of my favorites!

Mandy at House of Rose is giving away the CUTEST personalized stationary. I really REALLY want to win! :)

Misadventures of a Newlywed is giving away what else but Lilly Pulitzer stationery!!! I of course really want to this one as well.

But you should check out both blogs for their fun giveaways!!!


Everyone have a great couple of days. I'll be back in business on Thursday. ;)