Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adaline Mae : 7 & 8 Months (The Fun Begins!)

It's getting more and more difficult to blog in this precious space of mine.

For me, it's by far the most important and meaningful piece of my motherhood duties - to share the happenings of life with my littles. But when life is moving so quickly and being enjoyed so deeply, and when I spend the majority of my creative energy on my business, there is little left for me to pour into my personal blogging like I prefer. And to my sweet Addie, who is in the midst of her first year of life, I'm so very sorry for that.

6 Months

Much has happened in the last two months, and I so desperately want to document each moment because it's going far too quickly for my liking. There has been an amazing amount of growth in all areas, especially in the personality department. Adaline is our sweet cuddle-bug, but she's also developed a little sass. Particularly when it comes to impatience for food (de ja vu?) and the latest refusal in going to bed. From day one this girl has not liked to be left alone when she knows socializing is going on somewhere without her. Lately, she's developed a proclivity to playtime instead of sleep time because gilfriend loves to party. Her dad and I have finally caved and usually give her toys to play with or get her up altogether to play and tucker her out (terrible habit, I'm aware.)

7 months
7 months

Here are a few more things that have happened in the last two months - I just have to say, I LOVE this age. It really is when the fun begins!!

- Baby Bug is in love with three things these days : 1. My red hospital cup - yes. I'm still drinking from that infamous take-home-souvenier from the hospital. And Addie-Bug gets so excited when she sees it - she jabbers on and on as if to tell it a story, chews on it and nearly leaps from her high chair to play with it. 2. Beards - she especially loves Papa's beard and likes to bite it. 3. Flying backwards - this kid laughs in the face of danger and loves being flung backward. Just like her big sis at this age.

- Adaline is the sweetest little thing, and the bond we have is unreal. So much, that the kid refuses to take a bottle. (Bottle training shall be a post for another day). But she reaches her little arms out when she sees me, which makes me want to scoop her up all the time. And she reaches out to touch faces, carefully stroking and staring intently into the eyes of the person holding her. And she's got "the gaze" while I'm nursing her - that sweet, bonding gaze that I don't want to forget. Ever.

7 months

- Lyla and Addie got into their first "fight" this month. It was over a toy that Addie was playing with, when Lyla decided she wanted to play with it instead. So she fulfilled her toddler duty and took it away from the baby of course. I watched all of this unfold and was so happy Addie stood her ground with a lot of kicking and screaming (literally.) The two carried on for a bit and both ended up crying and I finally had to intervene. And Lyla is already tattling on her younger sister letting me know in her whiniest voice that Addie pulled her hairs. #sisters

- Our Bug has been nothing but easy in every aspect...until we introduced solid food. We started at the 6 month mark, and it gave us a bit more trouble than we anticipated. Her first bite was mashed avocado, which she seemed to enjoy, but the rest went downhill from there. We experienced a lot of gagging, which got sort of scary at times. She didn't seem to know what to DO with the food. Teaching a 6 month old to chew and swallow isn't quite as easy as it sounds. But after a lot of persistence and a lot of different textures, she's finally at a point where she grunts and squeals for "more". Her palette has included peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, kiwi, spinach, prunes and pears. But her favorite is gnawing on an apple slice while her big sister eats lunch.

6 months:: (First Food - Avocado!)

- I'd be lying if I said I didn't look forward to our alone time on Tuesdays while Lyla is at Kid's Day Out. Of course I adore our afternoon adventures with the three of us before dad gets home, but I miss one on one time like I got with Ly when she was a babe. Of course I utilize every ounce of Tuesdays to work, but it's also nice to have that special time with Addie.

- She's finally reached the point where it's difficult to take her 1. anywhere during her morning nap (as she no longer sleeps in her carseat) and 2. to any sort of work meeting. It has been so fun having her as my little "co-worker" where she'd nap on the couch next to me or go with me to a coffee meeting. But, we're officially at the point where we have to be home for nap time, and I have to get a babysitter for meetings. Except when we are invited by friends to fun things...then naps are out the window. Second kid has to learn to be flexible. Right?

- We've reached the stranger danger phase. This child rarely cries, but when she does, it's pretty much the same as taking my heart straight from my chest and running it through a blender. It's quite sad. And lately, when she's around others (mostly men) she doesn't know, she looks around in a panic and bursts into tears. It is so sad. Until mom or dad swoops in to the rescue!

7 months

- Everyone everywhere we go comments on how "huge the baby is". I mean everyone. Today, some lady walking into the same building as our swim lessons went on and on about "oh my gosh your baby is so big" and "how much does your baby weigh" and "how do you carry her carseat". Sure, she's a roly poly and has cheeks for weeks, but she's not that big. And yes, I do try to eat her cheeks and delicious rolls. All day.

- I nearly die from all the sleepy cuteness when it's time to wake up in the morning. Seriously, why did we never have a sleep sack with Lyla? I just might keep Addie in hers until she's 7 because of the sweetness. Oh and then there's that sweet baby breath smell - yes, she still has it. And I'm not afraid to get up in there and smell all day long. *swoon*

7 months

- Can we talk about physical gross motor movement for a second? We are not used to a mobile baby. Sweet Baby Ly was happy sitting all the livelong day until she crawled at 12 months. TWELVE MONTHS. I mean, we never baby proofed our house with Lyla. Oh,  but Addie Babe is a different story. This one has been scooting backwards for about a month now and often gets stuck under chairs and tables. And she most definitely is not content just "sitting" like her big sis was. She wants to go! and move! and be in on action! Our little party animal.

7 months

- Addie is our more outgoing babe, and girlfriend loves to chatter. I'm desperately trying to get her to say mama, instead she just says "gee-gee-gee-gee" all day, everyday. Lyla thinks it's pretty much the most hilarious thing on earth and loves trying to teach her new "words".

Have I mentioned I love having sisters?

Have I also mentioned I love this phase. Let the fun continue!

8 months