Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let the fun begin...

The past couple of weeks have been so.much.fun.

We've been telling people about our news of the little bun on the way.
And telling others has been the BEST part of pregnancy so far.

Several reactions in particular have been quite hysterical.

I'm happy to say that I got the chance to document some.
I'm sad to say that I forgot to whip out my camera on others.

But I'd like to share a few of my faves.

Reaction #1: Confusion and Panic.

(And of course overwhelming excitement...a day later).

Reaction #2: I need to lie down.

Those were the exact words of my mother who was caught completely off-guard.
(Join the club, Mom.)

Reaction #3: Disbelief.

We told some of our besties via FaceTime seeing that they're all the way in Rhode Island.
We held up our sonogram, and they asked,
"Wait. Is that yours?"

Reaction #4: Sheer excitement.

I got to tell my best friend during her bachelorette weekend in Chicago via a poem I wrote.

Her reaction?

A rib-crushing hug, tears, and a "I can't WAIT to be an AUNTIE!"

Wish I could have gotten the initial reaction on camera - it was SUCH a sweet moment.

Only the beginning of some fabulous memories.

And thank you to all of your sweet responses as well!

How it all went down.

I will never, ever forget my sweet hubby's reaction
when I blind-sided him with the news.

Keep in mind.
There was no trying for a baby involved.
The opposite actually.

But sometimes you just have a little too much Sweet Tea Vodka, okay?

I woke up on December 29th.
Nothing unusual.
Except for the fact that I had an odd "feeling" that I was pregnant.
(Really, it was mostly because everyone and their sister seemed to be getting pregnant,
and I freaked out a little.)

I ran out to Target.
Grabbed a pregnancy test.

No reaction on my part because I simply didn't believe it.
I mean, the blue line was blurry.
Clearly it was a manufacturer's error.

Drank a glass of water.
Peed again.
Another positive.

Began to sweat a little.

Ran out to Walgreens.
Grabbed the most expensive test I could find.

$35.00 later,
and the word PREGNANT is staring back at me.
In big.bold.black.letters.
I can't even remember the feelings I had.
Don't think I really had any.
Just total shock.
And disbelief.

I called my doctor.
Spoke with a nurse.
Yammered on and on about how I thought I might be pregnant.
Told her about my 3 tests.
She said, "Honey, you're definitely pregnant".
I said, "Well, I'm on Christmas break and can come in right now for you to double-check".
She laughed and said that was unnecessary.

2 minutes later,
she's congratulating me and giving me a due date.

This was all going too fast for me.

Then, my next move was the most logical one I could think of.

I made my second phone call.
I rang The Bride Room, a local Nashville Tennessee bridal boutique, where I ordered a bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding just 10 days before.
I wanted to make sure they knew I probably wouldn't fit into my dress in April.

Clearly, that's what everyone does when they find out they're pregnant.
And I was obviously thinking rationally.

Then, I waited.
And waited.
For 6 hours until my husband got home.
Hubby finally gets home.
He walks in.
Sits on the couch.
And we talk about our days.
Per usual.

I then blurt out, "Your last Christmas present came today."
He gets a cute look on his face...excited I got him something else.
Little did he know...

So, he opens up his little Christmas box.
And he just stares.
For about a minute.
He looks up at me completely confused.

My darn pregnancy test had gone blank in the last hour.

So, I softly say, "I'm pregnant".

His face turns white as a ghost.
More silence.
Followed by a lot of sentence fragments and mumbles.

"I'm so con..."
"Wait, what?"
"I don't under..."

So, I finally chime in.
I ask, "Are you mad?"

My shocked hubs jumps up and says of course not and gave me a giant hug and kiss.
Then he went back to silently staring for awhile.

It didn't really hit us until the next morning.

Just needed a day to sort through our total shock.
It didn't take long for us to completely and utterly fall in love with our little bean!

A reenactment of the sequence of events.
As told by a 10 second camera self-timer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It takes a lot to surprise this gal.

Seriously, it is quite hard to surprise me.
And I LOVE surprises.
But it's hard to catch me really off-guard.

In fact, there are really only two moments in my entire life that have knocked me out of my socks/took my breath away/made me feel like I was having an out-of-body experience because of the amount of surprise.

The first big surprise happened on my 21st birthday.

Gabe and I were in a major long-distance relationship.
He was in Iraq.
I was in Manhattan, KS.

This trip to Iraq didn't allow for hardly any communication.
And by that, I mean I received about 2 letters a month.
I got maybe 10 phone calls total in 7 months.

There was one point where I hadn't heard from him in over a month.
No letters. No e-mail. No phone calls.
I asked his family: nothing.
I began to panic.
I had no idea if he was okay.

Then, I woke up on my 21st birthday.
Still no word from him.
I was just hanging in the sorority house when I heard,
"Angela, you have a caller" over the intercom.

I had NEVER had a "caller" before.
I mean, I was in a long-distance relationship.

So, I begin to walk down the stairs.
Suddenly, my "caller" walks out from another room with roses.
Perfectly safe and not in Iraq.

I fell down the stairs.
I couldn't believe it.
One minute, I was picturing the worst.
The next, I'm hugging my sweetie.

Talk about a surprise.

I mean, how do you top that?
Well, my friends.
That's easy.
You find this one morning:

Biggest surprise of my entire life.

And something tells me, nothing will ever top this one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short Bachelorette Weekend = Major Case of Sunday Night Blues

I had me a blast this weekend.

Celebrated my bestie's future marriage.
Hung out with some of the most ah-ma-zing gals.
Laughed pretty much every second for 48 hours straight.
Stayed at a super rad condo - seriously looked like it was right out of Beauty and the Beast.
Ate fabulous Italian tapas.
Strung up pretty-little-somethings all over the condo: yeah newlyweddedness!
Experienced Flirty Girl Fitness: So.Much.Fun.

Love Chi.
Love good friends.
Just wish it could have lasted longer.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Needed: Friend Time

Well, I'm off.

On a much-needed, laughter-filled, girls' weekend trip to Chicago.

Going to celebrate my best friend since kindy, seeing that she's getting married in 2 months.


**I feel that I need to clarify something from my last post. It was brought to my attention as a reminder that I have more than just my typical bloggy reader friends...I sometimes forget the family reads the ol' blog as well. So, just to clarify: One part of the Chi-Town Bachelorette Getaway is participating in a class with Flirty Girl Fitness. This is a fun "fitness" activity where groups of girls can reserve a studio and take a dance class...a pole may or may not be involved. ;) Totally for fun! Believe me - there will be plenty of laughs and PLENTY of awkward moments. Stay tuned!

Bestie since Kindy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Times are a changing

It's me.
I'm here.

Got sent home from work today due to a pretty nasty stomach bug.
Like, I threw up on myself. At school. And had to go back to teaching.
I'm really hoping it's only one of those 24 hour bugs.
Because this is not fun. At all.

But we did have a fantastic weekend.
One that made me realize life-is-a-changing.
I swear at least one friend a week tells me she's pregnant.
No exaggeration.

Are we old enough for this?
I think I have at least 12 pregnant friends right now.

One of those friends has been one of my longest, dearest friendships.
I've known for awhile, but she "officially" announced today.
No.words. So.happy.

And we went to our very first gender reveal party this weekend.
So creative and so fun.
And I LOVED that the couple didn't know the sex until they cut into the cake in front of everyone.
I was team pink. But it's a BOY!

Of course I have a few glimpses of my "old life" every now and then.
This upcoming weekend for example: Bachelorette Bash in Chicago. Pole dancing included.