Friday, December 30, 2011

I refuse to think about reality


I will not think about the fact that my holiday break is coming to an abrupt end in just 4 days.

I had an insurmountable to-do list for my week off work.

So insurmountable in fact, I did not do one thing on my list.

Not one.

But it's been a joyous holiday, full of family, time with le hubs, relaxation, old friends, and lots of lounging.

All of which I desperately needed.

So, cheers to my holiday break that is almost over.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hollies

Oh mi goodness.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my last post - which was exactly two weeks ago - gulp! You all are just too sweet, and I MISS you. And blogging in general. I'm hoping to get back in the habit... at least while I'm off of work for a week. ;)

I've been quite busy with the hippity holidays.

And trying to finish up my masters.

And DIYin' all over the house.

And makin' stuff for my kiddos. And co-workers.

Hot Cocoa Mix for my teammates and para. Mmm. Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses for extra minty flavor.

Bags-O-My-favorite-Christmas-Things for my munchkins: hot chocolate, pretzels and m&ms, a candy cane, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (best book ever).

Speaking of making stuff, what did we ever do before Pinterest? I swear I had absolutely no creativity about 6 months ago.

This past weekend, I had a little get-together with some gals for a scarf swap. A couple of items on the menu were from my dear friend Pinny

Made some of these guys. Embarrassingly easy. And have already been asked for the "recipe" by two people.

And Meet Mr. Popular: Holiday Sangria. Hit of the party! (As you can see, this stuff was almost gone by the time I thought to take a pic). This stuff was quite unique, but very delish.

So much fun and LOVE my new scarf I got! Love, Love, Love chunky cable knits! And LOVE girl time.

Hope you're having some holly, jolly holiday fun too!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have the coolest friends

My friends are way cool.

I mean, way cooler than me.

We're talking doctors, lawyers, professional photographers, engineers, writers, business owners, an opera singer, a band member, and even a writer of the back of books (you know the little blurbs that summarize a book).

I really love my friends. But the fact that they're so cool makes me love them even more. (And question why they're friends with me: an ex-corporate-recruiter-turned-fourth-grade-teacher).

So recently, we took advantage of the talents of one friend in particular because she has some pretty amazing photog skills.

We've been wanting to get professional pics taken because we haven't since our wedding...over 5 years ago.

So we decided to try the whole hire-a-friend route.

And I'm so happy we did.

They turned out awesome-spice. Words can't even describe. And huge bonus: It wasn't just a photography session, but a great MEMORY - we had so much fun!

Hiring a friend is totally the way to go. ;)

Thanks to the unbelievably talented Ali!