Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've got news!


Not what you're thinking. ;)

I am completely D-O-N-E with my masters.
Done with school.
Done with papers.
Done with research.
And it feels so good.

And my sweet hubby came home a couple of weeks ago with a sweet congratulatory surprise.
A touch-screen Kindle.

Let me just explain something.
I am a teacher.
And I like tactile things.
Like, you know, books.

So. I was beyond excited about my sweet hub's generosity.
But I was a bit nervous about making the switch.

But. I vowed to try it out once I finished my last "book".
The Help.
Sidenote: I think I cried at least 17 times throughout the book. AND I committed the all-time cardinal sin and watched the movie before reading. But I have to say, although the book is obviously better, the movie is just superb.
I digress.

Then. I made the jump.
More like the leap.
And I.am.obsessed.
I don't know if I could ever go back.

Especially because hubs pre-downloaded a few books for me.
I love him.
And I love my new Kindle.
Even without pages.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Excuses. Excuses.


This week's excuse is that I've been just plain exhausted. And lazy. And don't feel like using my brain whatsoever. So, I don't blog.


But guess what?

I DID finish my masters.

I'm pretty sure that will free up at least 90% of my time. I think I can remember maybe 4 Saturdays and/or Sundays in the last 3 years where I was not writing a paper.

I mean, what does one do on the weekends?

So. Now that I have a little extra time, I figured I'd catch you up on a project that took place back in November.

Our sweet little first house has made me sweat/complain/swear more than anything I've ever taken part in, but we are finally starting to see some results.

Thousands more results to go...but focus on the positive, right?

So, here's le dining room. Still needs work. Obvi.

But I'm digging it.

Before: blah paint with scuff marks, red accent wall, 1960's wood, and boob light.

In progress: 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of reg paint,
Who needs painter's tape when you've done this for 8 months straight? Not I.

After: chipper paint, new chandelier, farm-y shelves (will be replacing the rug at some point with a more neutral color).

Just for funsies: Before and After.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Green Year-in-Review


I understand. I say it every single year.

But this year was by far the busiest yet!

So many BIG life changes. So many weddings.

I hope your year was as great as ours!! :)

So here it is.

The Annual Green Year-in-Review


*Gabe got a stellar new job.
So, we said goodbye to Rhode Island and moved back to Kansas.


*Officially said goodbye to my corporate ways. Pursued my dream and got a great gig student teaching.


*Became first time homeowners!


*Weddings. What else?


*Still had fun in RI and at our sweet friends' wedding.
*Soon-to-be-wedding celebrations with the bachelorette.


*Bridesmaid time.


*Bachelorette party in FLORIDA.
*Very special visitors from RI. ;)


*I got a J-O-B. And a reeeally good one too. Thank you Lord!
*Had the honor of being a maid-of-honor in my bff's wedding.
*Babe's first marathon.


*Ran my first 5K.
*Went back to Rhodey to be in a SUPERBLY fun wedding with our besties.


*Reunited with pals I've known since kindergarten at a...you guessed it...wedding.
*Dallas wedding with past co-worker.


*K-State reunion.
*Cousin's wedding.


*Christmas. And a happy new year.

HAPPY 2012 all!!!