Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week-5-In-Review: The New Normal

Week 5: 09/16/12 - 09/22/12

Life is looking a little different than it did 5 weeks ago.

We've adjusted to a new normal.

* Sleepless nights. * Hitting the sheets at 9:30. * Arriving late to everything. * Not being able to run quick errands at the drop of a hat. * Doing an intense amount of laundry. * Walking out of the house only to realize there is some form of bodily fluid on your clothes. *


The new normal.

But I wouldn't change it for anything.

In fact, this new normal has become so normal, I spiral into a deep sadness every time I even start to think about going back to work. But. Let's not think about that just yet.

Week 5 was all about really getting down our routine and schedule. We've definitely had some bumps, but I can't complain. You are a really good baby. And we'll just keep working and learning...together.

There are some things that have become permanent fixtures in our daily routines.

Our morning walks. You love the fresh breeze and new sounds to listen to. And you always end up asleep by the end. So relaxing.  

Getting out of the house. We do this at least once a day. Target and Gap are our favorites, but we also go to Hobby Lobby, the grocery store, friends' houses, dinner, etc. I am so thankful we started taking you everywhere starting Day One - this has made a huge difference. You are happy to go anywhere. You're just like your mama - Grams used to call me Baby on the Go!

*And taking you places from the beginning has made it so you're able to nap anywhere. This makes it easy for us to hang out with friends and family. :)

Before bedtime routine: Dessert-after-dinner (your Vitamin D drops), bath time, lotion and massage, watching Mommy and Daddy eat dinner, and cuddles in the basement while watching Parenthood. This evening routine is the most important of the day...and my most favorite. 

You had your one month doctor's appointment this week. You are 9.2 pounds and 21 and 3/4 inches long. You are growing just perfectly. And we've realized you like to show off for Dr. Reddy. You held your head up for about a minute, fussed a little, and then rolled over. This made her day...(mine too)! 

I got a little discouraged because she said babies your age should be able to sleep for 4 hours straight at night. You've only done this a few times. But then, that night, you slept for 5 1/2 hours straight. I couldn't believe it! You've been pretty consistent since you were born in only waking me up twice a night - so I'm happy when you spoil me with anything longer than 3 hours! :)

She also suggested you start taking the bottle 3-4 times a week to get adjusted before I go back to work. So Daddy gave you your first bottle...and you took it right away. You'll take food from anywhere, Chunkin - you don't mind what the source is! ;)

You had your first out-of-town visitor. Miss Camdin from Chicago came in town for a visit. You just loved her - you even showed off by rolling over for her! We all had a great time catching up over Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So fun!

We cheered on the Wildcats in their fight against the Sooners. And wow. What a game! I was so excited to sport our matching outfits and to cheer on the CATS together. But all you really cared about was hanging with your boyfriend, Cal and taking a really long nap. We were all exhausted by the end. Good for a Wildcat...

Monday, September 24, 2012

A silly little tale.

When I was a wee tot, I dreamt of having big muscles and immense strength. 
I used to tell my mom and dad, "I want to be a muscle man".
Not a ballerina or princess.
A muscle man.

And my idol was Popeye. 

One day, I came up with a brilliant idea. 
I begged my mom to take me to the grocery store to buy a can of spinach.
She said no.
I begged some more.
She said I would hate it and asked why on earth I wanted canned spinach. 
"So I can get big muscles like Popeye". 

She chuckled. 
And I pleaded some more. 

Mom finally caved. 
But mom was hard core. 
She told me if we went to the store to get spinach, 
I had to eat every.last.bite.
Even if I hated it. 

I told her no problem. 
I just wanted my muscles. 

So what happened, you ask?
Mom bought me the spinach. 
Yes it was canned. 
And yes it had a picture of Popeye on it. *Bonus*. 

I couldn't wait to take my first bite. 
So I did. 
And I gagged. 
I looked at mom and started crying. 
She reminded me of our deal.

So. She made me eat some more.
I ate about 1/4 of the can. 
And gagged with every bite. 
(I told you mom was hard core).

Mom finally felt bad and said I could stop.
I was so relieved.
And so devastated.

I never got my muscles. 

True story.

Now I think of this story and laugh at the irony. 

Because my sweet little daughter has truly taken on the role of Popeye. 

She first coined the nickname in the hospital. 

We all laughed because she would close one eye and grunt. Just like Popeye. 

My mom asked the nurses why she was doing that, and they said it was probably because that eye was squished up against me while she was in the womb. 

And she would make that same face every time she nursed. It was quite cute. 

Then we brought her home. And though she still made her Popeye face, her actions really reinforced the name. 

She was so strong. 

She would lift her head for ridiculously long periods of time. 
She would bust out of her *tight* swaddles.
She would move her way across the crib. 
She would roll over onto her side. 

All of this starting on day 2 of life in this world. 

My mom said I was never that strong that early on. 

So, after the spinach incident, my hopes and dreams were crushed. 
I didn't turn into Popeye.
And I never became a muscle man. 

But now, my four-year-old self can only hope that Lyla will carry out my dream ...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week-4-In-Review: Week of Firsts

Week 4: 09/09/12 - 09/15/12

How are you already 4 weeks old?

I can't even believe how quickly time has gone.

I've had exactly 3 major meltdowns already thinking about going back to work and leaving you. But I still have 2 months left. I need to stop letting my mind go crazy and just enjoy YOU. I'm hoping the Lord gives me strength when I go back...

It's just that we've gotten into such a groove, you and I.

And then, it gets really exciting when Daddy enters the mix every evening.

Then there's the weekends. With the whole fam.

I just love it.

I love you.

I love our little family.

This week has been an exciting week of SO many firsts.

Your FIRST time on the activity mat. Why in the world did I not bust this thing out sooner? You seriously LOVE it. You just stare and smile and even bat at the little characters. I think you really like all the colors (even though you apparently can't see colors yet..) and all the little things to look at. You even discovered yourself in the little mirror. You were quite entertained.

Your FIRST real smile. Well. We think. It's so hard to tell. GiGi and Grams swear your smiles are real though. And they're the experts. They say it's because you "smile with your eyes".  Speaking of eyes, you've been making such excellent eye contact lately, and your little eyes follow our faces from side to side. And then, you look us right in the eyes and smile...laugh even. Melting hearts, I tell ya.

Your FIRST bath time with GiGi and Grams. You love the grandparents. And they are pretty smitten with you. They especially love to snuggle you right after your bath. Something tells me you're going to be one spoiled little cookie.

Your FIRST experience at outdoor markets. Oh, Miss Lyla. This week was SO much fun because you got to go to your very first farmer's market AND outdoor artisan market. It was especially fun when we took you in your Moby. It was a first for MOMMY - I love the way you just curled up and snuggled right against me for 2 and a half hours. Just like you did when I was pregnant with you. We're quite the mother/daughter duo. :)

Your FIRST time rolling over. Ok. So, no one likes a parent who brags about their kiddo's milestones. Super annoying. But man, it's so hard not to feel "proud" when your babe reaches a milestone for the first time. And you, Miss Lyla, rolled over for the first time. We're talking actually rolled from tummy to back. At 3 1/2 weeks old. At first, I didn't believe Daddy when he told me you did it. Then, I plopped you on your tummy and you rolled right onto your back. We tried to get it on video, but of course you got shy. I began to think I was making it up in my head, but you did it again (right away) for the doctor at your one month visit. She laughed and said you're going to be trouble. Uh-oh. ;)

Your FIRST time taking a (gasp) pacifier. Yep. Mommy finally caved. You've been quite fussier than usual this week. So, I simply gave in. Not that I think anything is wrong with a paci. But, I really just didn't want to cause nipple confusion. Plus, it's simply a habit we'll have to break you of later on. But I gave you one. And at first, you were quite angry that it wasn't a boob. Then, you finally caved and realized you liked it. You don't even take it all the time, just when you're extra Fuss-McGuss.

Your first trip to the ER (sniff, sniff). I've already told the full story here. But man, talk about going from a major high (you rolling over for the first time) to an all-time low (Mommy ramming your head into a fence). But all is well. We survived, Little Chunkin. And you got LOTS of extra cuddles that day.

It's been a good week, Puddin' Pop!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Month

9.2 pounds and 21 3/4 inches long

Puddin' Pop (Mommy)
Petunia (GiGi)
Shoogs (Grams)

Maintaining eye contact
Responding to Mom and Dad's voices
Strong head and neck control
Rolling over from tummy to back

Not a fan of:
Diaper Changes

Activity Mat
Cherry-flavored Vitamin D drops
Bath time (most of the time)
Rock-a-Bye Baby Pandora App
The paci
Staring at the wall/Ceiling fans

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Newborn Pics

I've been meaning to post these for awhile now.

But things keep coming up.

You know, life with a new baby and all.

We had such a great time with the wonderful Ali Moore who does all of our "family photography" and is also a very good friend.  We were so pleased with how they turned out!

A good time had by all.

Lyla was 5 days old.

And I was incredibly nervous because she was not being a very good sleeper at the time. She had a rough night the night before.

But she slept for 4 hours straight.

We used a little heater and a sleep sheep to keep things nice and cozy for the babe.

We nudged her. Poked her. Moved her. Positioned her.

And she didn't budge.

We also realized that she had diaper rash. Her little bum was so red. :(

And Gabe was pretty darn nervous about getting naked pics of the babe on our love seat. She was due for a poop at any moment. So what you can't see, is Gabe standing off to the side with a diaper ready to dive in and catch anything that started to rumble. Heehee.

Check em' out for yourself. So sweet.