Friday, September 21, 2012

Week-4-In-Review: Week of Firsts

Week 4: 09/09/12 - 09/15/12

How are you already 4 weeks old?

I can't even believe how quickly time has gone.

I've had exactly 3 major meltdowns already thinking about going back to work and leaving you. But I still have 2 months left. I need to stop letting my mind go crazy and just enjoy YOU. I'm hoping the Lord gives me strength when I go back...

It's just that we've gotten into such a groove, you and I.

And then, it gets really exciting when Daddy enters the mix every evening.

Then there's the weekends. With the whole fam.

I just love it.

I love you.

I love our little family.

This week has been an exciting week of SO many firsts.

Your FIRST time on the activity mat. Why in the world did I not bust this thing out sooner? You seriously LOVE it. You just stare and smile and even bat at the little characters. I think you really like all the colors (even though you apparently can't see colors yet..) and all the little things to look at. You even discovered yourself in the little mirror. You were quite entertained.

Your FIRST real smile. Well. We think. It's so hard to tell. GiGi and Grams swear your smiles are real though. And they're the experts. They say it's because you "smile with your eyes".  Speaking of eyes, you've been making such excellent eye contact lately, and your little eyes follow our faces from side to side. And then, you look us right in the eyes and smile...laugh even. Melting hearts, I tell ya.

Your FIRST bath time with GiGi and Grams. You love the grandparents. And they are pretty smitten with you. They especially love to snuggle you right after your bath. Something tells me you're going to be one spoiled little cookie.

Your FIRST experience at outdoor markets. Oh, Miss Lyla. This week was SO much fun because you got to go to your very first farmer's market AND outdoor artisan market. It was especially fun when we took you in your Moby. It was a first for MOMMY - I love the way you just curled up and snuggled right against me for 2 and a half hours. Just like you did when I was pregnant with you. We're quite the mother/daughter duo. :)

Your FIRST time rolling over. Ok. So, no one likes a parent who brags about their kiddo's milestones. Super annoying. But man, it's so hard not to feel "proud" when your babe reaches a milestone for the first time. And you, Miss Lyla, rolled over for the first time. We're talking actually rolled from tummy to back. At 3 1/2 weeks old. At first, I didn't believe Daddy when he told me you did it. Then, I plopped you on your tummy and you rolled right onto your back. We tried to get it on video, but of course you got shy. I began to think I was making it up in my head, but you did it again (right away) for the doctor at your one month visit. She laughed and said you're going to be trouble. Uh-oh. ;)

Your FIRST time taking a (gasp) pacifier. Yep. Mommy finally caved. You've been quite fussier than usual this week. So, I simply gave in. Not that I think anything is wrong with a paci. But, I really just didn't want to cause nipple confusion. Plus, it's simply a habit we'll have to break you of later on. But I gave you one. And at first, you were quite angry that it wasn't a boob. Then, you finally caved and realized you liked it. You don't even take it all the time, just when you're extra Fuss-McGuss.

Your first trip to the ER (sniff, sniff). I've already told the full story here. But man, talk about going from a major high (you rolling over for the first time) to an all-time low (Mommy ramming your head into a fence). But all is well. We survived, Little Chunkin. And you got LOTS of extra cuddles that day.

It's been a good week, Puddin' Pop!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ang, that is one photogenic baby girl you have! What a sweetie! And such a good little dresser in all of her sweet outfits! Hope she's feeling better after the ER trip (how scary for you!). Happy Friday!

Ali Moore said...

Bahaha, I was reading this quickly and totally thought you said you went to an outdoor ASIAN market. I was wondering what I was missing out on! :)

Dixie Bell Designs said...

i think all of her outfits are adorable... the fence situation must have been SO scary but I am glad you are both feeling better!