Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BIG WEEK - 21 Weeks


I'm actually 22 weeks today.

But I have to document 21 weeks because it was a BIG ONE.

Then I promise to give full details on my best friend's wedding and our big gender reveal party.

How Far Along: 21 weeks and counting. 

Maternity Clothes: I wore my FIRST maternity shirt on Saturday. After looking at pictures, I'm thinking frump-a-lump. Maybe I need a bigger belly? 

But today, I wore my very first maternity outfit: work pants and shirt. I felt great! Apparently 21 weeks is the end of wearing regular least jeans and pants. I'm still wearing regular leggings, dresses, and shirts. 

Gender: Sweet baby GIRL! 
So incredibly in love with our little princess already. 

Surprised is an understatement. We were SURE it was a boy. But absolutely thrilled it's a little gal. Love. Love. Love. And SO excited. 

Movement: This little sassy thing is moving all over the place. Mommy's little dancer. :) AND I felt her on the right side for the first time...I've only felt her on the left until yesterday. 

Sleep: My poor husband. He has officially been replaced by my body pillow. Don't feel too bad for him though...he tries to steal it from me in the middle of the night. Sometimes, we even share. HA! But the thing is a miracle-worker. 

What I miss: Booze. 

So. I am not a big drinker. In fact, the thought of alcohol has repulsed me for the past few months. But since it's been getting hot, I would give anything for a Pinot Grigio or a Corona Light. Mmmm....

Cravings: Cereal. Oh man. Can't get enough. And still going bonkers over fruit. 

Other crazy symptoms: Irritability. :( I've been great this whole pregnancy, but everything has been annoying me this week. Everything. ESPECIALLY my students. I think I just really need summer break...

Size of Babe: Spaghetti Squash. 

Best Moment this week:

1). Our gender reveal party. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I have such talented friends. And we have the best families ever. Can't wait to share pics. ;)
2). Gabe felt our little gal for the FIRST time. I love when she sweet. 

Bump Pics:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mama knows best...Gender Reveal

Mama always knows best, right?

We had our gender reveal last night.

Many (amazing) details to come. 

From the moment of our first sonogram, we've known it was a boy.

We did the pee-on-baking-soda-and-if-it-fizzes-itsaboy test. And of course it fizzed.

Heartbeat got lower this time around = boy.

I feel like I'm carrying low = boy.

And then, we had our sonogram Monday. The sonographer told us to look away when she got to Little Green's private parts. She said, "Couples always ask me if I'm sure about the sex. And with this baby, I'm 100% sure." So, clearly she saw a little pee-pee.

So yesterday, we gave the envelope with our precious little secret inside to 2 friends. They took care of putting together the gender reveal box that sealed our fate.

We showed up to the party confident in our "We-know-100%-for-sure-that-we're-having-a-boy" attire.

Decked out in all blue.

And this is how it went down.

Complete with "It's a girl" cigars at the very bottom.

A fabulous evening with AMAZING family and friends. Details to come...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An apology bumpdate

Ok, seriously, how have TWO weeks gone by?

I will be 21 weeks tomorrow.

And I didn't even take a 20 week pic.
You know, the monumental moment when you reach the halfway marker?

But I have been SO busy.
So much so that I've run my preggo body down.
And I have a terrible sinus infection.

Thank God my doctor believes in the ZPac.
Yes. Even when pregnant.
Let's hope it kicks the you-know-what out of this debilitating infection.

Unfortunately, life continues to race at a rapid speed,
and I'm not sure when it's going to slow down.
Wait yes I do - never.
So. Here's to a 20ish week bumpdate post!

How Far Along: 20 weeks...for 3 1/2 more hours. (Although doc says I'm measuring big...which would put me at 21 and almost 22 weeks. He's not changing the due date though!)

Maternity Clothes: Can't believe it, but I'm STILL in my regular clothes. Are they snug? Absolutely. But this belly band is a lifesaver. I will probably switch to maternity pants tomorrow. Just because I like the way my belly looks in maternity pants. :)

Also lifesavers? Leggings and dresses - no need for maternity gear!

Gender: Had our sonogram yesterday. However, we turned our heads when she got to the nether regions. We are having a gender-reveal party this weekend and won't find out until the same time as our close friends and family do!

*Lots of "experienced" moms swear I'm having a girl because I've been feeling so sick still - pesky nausea.
*Saw lots of old friends this weekend at a wedding - they all have a "feeling" it's a girl.
*And my students all think girl. Why? They say I've been EXTRA cranky. HA!

We're still banking on boy...

Movement: Since last week, I've been feeling SO much movement. Feels like we've got a little dancer on our hands. Oh, and baby kicked the ENTIRE flight to Nashville this past weekend. Couldn't tell if the babe loved or hated first flight. ;)

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby. Although, I got absolutely no sleep this past weekend. Wedding duty called! And now that I'm super sick, I'm trying to catch up. Lights out at 9:00 this week!

What I miss: My immune system.

No. Seriously. I've gone over a YEAR without being sick. But ever since I got pregnant, I've gotten the stomach flu and a sinus infection. Both have been TERRIBLE experiences. Not to mention the fact that I just feel nauseated or have a tummy ache all.the.time.

At least babe is getting all my immunity. After the sonogram yesterday, I'm convinced it's having the time of its little life! :)

Cravings: None. But I ate like a pig this weekend. I felt so guilty about it too. But I'm back to my healthy ways this week.

Other crazy symptoms: Major heartburn. I go through Tums like it's nobody's business.

Oh. And I FREAKED out because after traveling this weekend, I had NO ANKLES. I'm pretty sure it's too early for that nonsense. But, I think it was from flying, being dehydrated, and being sick. Ankles back in full form today.

Size of Babe: Banana. Doc said the babe is almost 1 pound. CRAZY!

Best Moment this week:

1). Celebrated my very best friend since kindergarten's wedding. I've been to a TON of weddings. And this one absolutely goes down in the history books. Even with me being so incredibly sick all weekend. Details to come later.
2). Seeing our baby during the sono yesterday. We got to see babe sucking, dancing (seriously, the little feet were going NUTS), and grab his/her foot to play with. Absolutely adorable. I am so in love.
Bump Pics:

So this is totally cheating. But I'm pretending this is my 20 week pic (Was only shy of 20 weeks by 2 days). This is the b-maid dress I wore this weekend. I was TERRIFIED I wouldn't be able to fit into the dress b/c I got fitted a couple weeks before I found out I was preg. Remember, the bridal boutique was my second phone call after finding out I was pregnant? Luckily, it fit like a glove.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks...until tomorrow.

Maternity Clothes: Well, I accidentally spent $350 on maternity clothes this weekend. I went into a Destination Maternity with my besties for about 2 hours and was completely overwhelmed. And believe me, I was their targeted prey- the girl only brought me the high end designer stuff. Sheesh!
I spent the entire drive home from Kansas City with buyer's remorse. I will be returning a couple of SUPER cute but SUPER expensive things...I just can't justify buying expensive trendy things that I will only wear for a few months.
Needless to say, I still haven't put on any maternity clothes yet. Using that belly band until the last possible moment!

Gender: We find out SO soon!

Movement: Felt the little flutters at week 17, but haven't felt any since. I'm pretty sad about it. I keep telling babe to move around for mama. No luck.

Sleep: Sleeping more soundly than ever. Although, my allergies are absolutely TERRIBLE. So, I generally wake up a few times to sneeze or blow my nose. And I'm still obsessed with my body pillow. Obsessed.

What I miss: So, even though I'm sleeping well, I am exhausted ALL of the time. I miss having energy. It could be the fact that I only sit for 15 minutes all day and spend every ounce of energy teaching. Add that to pregnancy, and I feel like a walking zombie.

Cravings: Well, I really love me some fruit these days. Like, a lot. Oh, and I hadn't indulged in any of the few fast food cravings I've had...until Gabe wanted to drive through Freddy's Steakburgers on our trip home Sunday. So, I had my very first burger and fries this entire pregnancy. Felt so ashamed...but it was so worth it!

Other crazy symptoms: My dreams have been borderline psychotic. I don't even feel comfortable sharing some with my own husband. Let's say the past couple of nights have involved watching people drive off a cliff, getting bit by a rattlesnake, and watching a random girl from my prenatal swim class' baby fall right out while she was talking to me.

Oh. And it felt like deja vu this week. I was having many of the same morning sickness symptoms all week. I was pretty miserable. Boo. :(

Size of Babe: Mango. Could be imagining things, but I REALLY feel like I've felt my stomach expanding this week.

Best Moment this week: Celebrating a good friend's upcoming wedding at a bridal shower in KC. It was SO great seeing my besties. And then having them there to save me from spending even more money than I actually did on my maternity spending spree.

Bump Pics:
Still in that awkward phase where many people don't know I'm pregnant. The only way to sport the bump is wear shirts that are too small. :)