Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BIG WEEK - 21 Weeks


I'm actually 22 weeks today.

But I have to document 21 weeks because it was a BIG ONE.

Then I promise to give full details on my best friend's wedding and our big gender reveal party.

How Far Along: 21 weeks and counting. 

Maternity Clothes: I wore my FIRST maternity shirt on Saturday. After looking at pictures, I'm thinking frump-a-lump. Maybe I need a bigger belly? 

But today, I wore my very first maternity outfit: work pants and shirt. I felt great! Apparently 21 weeks is the end of wearing regular least jeans and pants. I'm still wearing regular leggings, dresses, and shirts. 

Gender: Sweet baby GIRL! 
So incredibly in love with our little princess already. 

Surprised is an understatement. We were SURE it was a boy. But absolutely thrilled it's a little gal. Love. Love. Love. And SO excited. 

Movement: This little sassy thing is moving all over the place. Mommy's little dancer. :) AND I felt her on the right side for the first time...I've only felt her on the left until yesterday. 

Sleep: My poor husband. He has officially been replaced by my body pillow. Don't feel too bad for him though...he tries to steal it from me in the middle of the night. Sometimes, we even share. HA! But the thing is a miracle-worker. 

What I miss: Booze. 

So. I am not a big drinker. In fact, the thought of alcohol has repulsed me for the past few months. But since it's been getting hot, I would give anything for a Pinot Grigio or a Corona Light. Mmmm....

Cravings: Cereal. Oh man. Can't get enough. And still going bonkers over fruit. 

Other crazy symptoms: Irritability. :( I've been great this whole pregnancy, but everything has been annoying me this week. Everything. ESPECIALLY my students. I think I just really need summer break...

Size of Babe: Spaghetti Squash. 

Best Moment this week:

1). Our gender reveal party. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I have such talented friends. And we have the best families ever. Can't wait to share pics. ;)
2). Gabe felt our little gal for the FIRST time. I love when she sweet. 

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kels said...

so cute! you look so great! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You are looking fabulous! Congrats again on having a little girl!