Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week-2-In-Review : Adjusting Perfectly

Week 2: 08/26/12 - 09/02/12

Sweet Chunkin.

I am amazed at how perfectly you fit into our life.

Daddy and I have talked about it over and over.

As you know, you were quite the surprise (and MIRACLE) and neither of us have ever really been around babies.

So. We simply did not know what to expect with life with a newborn.

And I must say, it is so much better and so much more fun than we ever thought possible.

And you've brought Daddy and I even closer. So thanks for that.

You are one special kiddo.

Week 2 with you has been about getting into a routine and simply adjusting to our  new life with you.

But I must say, aside from the complete lack of sleep, we haven't had to make many adjustments. At least none that we've noticed.

We're just enjoying every moment with you.

Scenes from the week:

I take it back. Some of us did have some adjusting to do. When your brother and sister first met you, they weren't too sure what this squealing, crying, cooing new "inconvenience" was. Samson barked and even growled. He just wasn't too sure. Sienna was flat out depressed. Now, they are in love with you. Especially Sammie. He loves to poke at you. And Sienna is quite protective. Mommy is so excited to see you grow up with them!

Mommy's made a fun, trendy, super-cool new girlfriend. We have song time, story time, tummy time, shopping trips, and lunch outings with the girls! Oh. And my new favorite is Mommy and Me Yoga. I can only imagine how fun it will be when you get older (we're talking ages 2-12...because we all know how those teen years usually play out). Right now you really just look around and coo, but Mommy has a blast with you. 

You received your very own packages in the mail...addressed to YOU. I think this made me more excited than when I receive my own packages. Your sweet Auntie Sarah and Uncle Joe AND Auntie Jer and Uncle Steve in Rhode Island love you so much already. They were beyond generous and sent you so much fun stuff. I've already washed everything and put it away. We can't wait for you to meet your Little Rhody family next summer.

Daddy had to go back to work. Boo. Luckily, he got to be home for 12 whole days. Those were some of the sweetest, most precious moments that I will forever hold in my heart. Just the three of us. Mommy and Daddy had not a worry in the world and could just focus on you. Daddy sure was sad to go back to work. He loves hanging out with you so much.

Your first party. Mommy and Daddy are crazy. We decided to host a get-together on your two week birthday for Labor Day. We are so happy we did. There were six babies in our house. SIX. It is so wonderful to know that you are going to grow up with some AWESOME other kiddos.

I'd say it was another successful week. ;)


Tickled Pink said...

Love the pictures!! You guys look perfect together! :)

Amanda said...

I love it! So glad you're figuring things out and that things are going so smoothly!