Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella

Because when it rains, it pours.

Warning: Doom and Gloom Ahead.

Just got back from one of the BEST trips
I've taken in a very.long.time.
Went to Fort Myers/Sanibel Island in Florida
to celebrate my bestie's upcoming wedding.

Ah-Ma-Zing trip.

But on the very last day,
we woke up to find out the bride-to-be's four year old lab
suddenly died in the middle of the night at doggy day care.
Out of nowhere.
Still don't know what happened.

So.Sad. (Feel free to drop a note of encouragement for the

Not the greatest way to end an AMAZING bachelorette weekend.

And the fun didn't stop there.
We made it to Detroit only to have a delayed flight
due to severe thunderstorms.

Then we finally arrived in KC, and I was really
not looking forward to my 3 hour drive home
in 100° heat (which, by the way, is hotter than it was in

My Facebook status actually read:
"Is there anything worse than coming home from vacation."

That right there sealed my fate.

Because yes. There is something worse.
You could come home to 100° weather, only to find that your
Air Conditioner went out.
Because that happened to me.
Just yesterday.
After an already emotional day.

So I drove home in a puddle of sweat.
And nearly passed out.

Still doesn't stop there.

Took my car in figuring it simply needed
a filter changed or some more freon.
Of course not.

The entire compressor needs to be replaced.
For the low cost of almost $1,100.
Yes, $1,100.

Which is money I SERIOUSLY do not have.

There. I'm done.
Doom and Gloom over.

I promise to bring much happier posts in the future.

And just so you you believe me,
I leave you with a preview of our super-fun
bachelorette weekend.


The Frenchs said...

Oh goodness! Only you would end a post like this with a picture like that! Good for you!

Amanda said...

Isn't homeownership fun? But seriously, poor doggie. That is one of my biggest nightmares - that something will happen to them when we're out of town. So sad :(

Megan said...

One of those things would have been enough-- add them all together, whew! :/

As far as the car, I'd get a few quotes, might find a cheaper place, especially if you tell them you're shopping around! (And say the last place was going to charge you $1000, if he beats it, go to one more place and lower it just a bit more!) :)

CBC said...

OMG, mine broke too! Whole thing has to be replaced. Along with $5,000 of other repairs. I feel your pain seriously lady.