Sunday, November 8, 2015

Annual Trip to the Patch + Our Little Halloween Stinkers

Oh, this poor rusty little blog of mine.

Truth be told, I'm sad that it's taken the back burner for the last year. I wish I had the time and creative energy to write and create and document life with the littles. But I simply don't. Life has not paused for even one second since sweet Adaline was born and had my "third baby"/started a business shortly thereafter, and I don't see it slowing anytime soon.

But, my hope is to still share when I can (note to self : NO PRESSURE. Keep up when you are able!)

It has been a jam-packed fall, so crammed to the brim, that sometimes even the fun stuff has been overwhelming. But fun, nevertheless.

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the girls, and it didn't go quite as planned. And actually, it never really does. Lyla is usually sick or not feeling up to all the incessant pictures I feel are necessary.

We were completely unprepared for the weather - it was the first really cold day this fall with some intense Kansas-style wind. I forgot blankets for the girls, no one had jackets, and we made the mistake of getting to the patch a bit too close to lunch and nap time. Oh, and I didn't remember a bow for Addie. HOW was I going to get some good pictures with no BOW at the pumpkin patch??

We ended up running out of time for a family photo anyway, the girls got really cranky and we forgot to pick a pumpkin. #reallife But, Lyla did get to pick out a "patch" pumpkin at the gift shop for both her an Addie. For her, she picked the smallest little green gourd and named him Gordon (and slept with him every night for a week) and a little white pumpkin for Addie.

But we made some great memories, and even got a few pics anyway (thanks to Lauren who let us borrow Baby Isla's bow!)

Oh, but the Halloween festivities this year! The kiddos had a BALL and loved every bit of dressing up in their little homemade skunk costumes, and they sure didn't complain about all the extra attention. They wore their costumes FOUR times this year between dance class, trunk-or-treat at church, a friend's birthdayween, and trick or treating.

I'm still catching up from the excitement (and still sneaking candy from Ly's Halloween stash).

I've found that my "homemade" costumes get simpler and simpler every year. This year, I pieced together some outfits (and used Lyla's one year birthday party outfit for Addie), glued on some faux white fur to headbands and tails, and made Lyla a tutu. I made the mistake of putting fur on cat ears - everyone thought the girls were the cutest little black and white kitties. I corrected everyone before they could even finish their sentence. Skunk costume fail.

But it was so cute seeing how excited both girls got this year. Lyla rode the wagon with her little buddy Jack, and she proudly said "trick-or-treat" AFTER getting her candy in her trick or treat bag. And Addie jabbered and kicked and squealed and clapped her hands at every house we went to.

One of the craziest, but most FUN days of the year in the books!