Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas-itis Continues...

I can hardly STAND it!!! I can't WAIT to fly home next Tuesday. After all, there really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! I'm so excited to hang out in my p.j.'s for days at a time, hang out with my friends I've had since kindergarten and of course eat LOTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD!

Needless to say, this Christmas-itis really is putting a wrench in my concentration at work. All I want to do is sing Christmas carols, eat Christmas cookies and swap Christmas tradition stories with my co-workers. (Rather than work on the HUGE project I'm to present in front of our top executives when I return from my trip...YIKES).

I am excited however because tomorrow we're having a Yankee Swap and Christmas luncheon at work. Although, they put a FIVE DOLLAR limit on the Yankee Swap gift...I mean really, five dollars? I couldn't even buy lunch for $5.00. I knew this was going to take some creativity. And I REFUSE to bring in something un-original like a) a coffee mug b)candy or c)a cheap-o candle.

So, I headed to Crate and Barrell...and they had TONS of stuff. I really think this may be my new favorite shopping stop! Check out these adorable gift ideas.


CrimsonVasesRedBlosmSprHD08 ServingStandsFoilCupcakHD08FStripeHolidaySpreadersF8   GenieDinnerPlatesF8 TangoSmallBowlsF8


Jordan said...

Those are all cute ideas! =]

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Aaah I love all of that stuff from C&B! I need to go there ASAP :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute and I can't wait to read more!

Mrs. Cup said...

How cute!!

Emily said...

i so want those read vases... ahh soo cute! I have never been to a crate and barrel.. i think i might be deprived:)