Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks Mom!

I'm always telling my mom to check out my blog. I tell her how therapeutic it is and how much I LOVE my new hobby. (This little tidbit is important to fully grasp the end of this story).

All week I've been looking forward to our Tacky Christmas Sweater/ Ornament Exchange party Mr. Ruby and I were going to throw tonight.

However, due to this blizzardy mess...we had to cancel because there is nowhere for our guests to park (thanks to the foot and a half of snow).

One of our friends graciously decided to let us throw the party at his house. Thank goodness! I've been dying to show off my tacky Christmas outfit.

So, I asked my mom about 2 weeks ago to send me this specific Christmas sweatshirt that she always used to wear. It has a picture of 3 cows making Christmas cookies and it says "Santa's Milk and Cookie Club". Tacky-Mc-Tackerson and a perfect GEM for the party.

I received a package in the mail yesterday and ripped it open. There it was. The tacky Christmas sweater ready to be displayed. However, I noticed a shiny sticker taped to the sweater. It read:


I guess Mom was paying me back for making fun of her taste in  a Christmas ensemble. :)


The Ballard's said...

Haha! I feel like no one reads my blog either but I still love to write! You'll have to post picturs of your tacky sweater! We went to 2tacky parties this weekend, I'm worn out!

Miss Merry said...
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CC said...

haha...i'm cracking up about that sticker. good one mom! ;) not true, but so funny!

can't believe the snow! crazy! we had a psuedo ice storm here and of course people FREAKED OUT! it was so not a big deal.

can't wait to see you this week.