Saturday, November 29, 2008

Newlywed Traditions

IMG_7255 I LOVE the holidays. Everything about them: the chilly weather, jam-packed malls, Christmas music, the Salvation Army bell ringers, Yankee Swap parties, egg nog, and of course family traditions.

Although this may be Mr. Ruby and my's third Christmas together, this is the first year we have actually started a new tradition. Our first year, we were in the process of moving to Dallas, and last year we were driving across the country to move to Little Rhody. As this is the first year we actually feel settled, we decided to start a new tradition the day after Thanksgiving. (Note: this may be one of the most simple, boring traditions ever...but we were really excited). We popped open a bottle of wine, turned on some Christmas music and decorated our house. (There may have even been a little bit of dancing thrown in there somewhere). Again, I LOVE the holidays. It is the only time of year where I have an excuse and it becomes socially acceptable for me to decorate my house with lights and all things sparkly! IMG_7257

Although Mr. Ruby and I may have enjoyed this new tradition, our dogs hated it. They were terrified of the Christmas tree. I mean terrified.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Ruby,
Do you have a copy of Wizar of OZ??? "There's no place like home !!!"
Just wondered??
Mr. Ruby's dad

abigail said...

We put our tree up too except we don't have any ornaments. So sad! I think they must be in a box somewhere. At least we put lights on so it's not completely naked.

CC said...

lol, so funny that the kiddos hated the tree.

i feel ya on the LOVE of the holidays. Seriously LOVE them. Glad you guys finally feel settled and can properly enjoy a holiday.

we sadly are not even putting up a tree this year since I'm moving out in a few weeks. :(