Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Ok. I don't really have a picture.

So, you're going to have to visualize here.

What's wrong with this picture?

  • Last week, Wichita set a record temperature of -17°. Today, it was 74°.
  • I haven't done laundry in two and a half weeks.

  • It is 8:30 p.m., and the moment I am done blogging, I plan to go to sleep.

  • I ate 3 Twix bars for dinner.

  • I accidentally plugged the other side of my nose while doing the Neti Pot, and the solution went down my throat.

  • I haven't worked out in 2 weeks, and subsequently, my cheeks are getting plumper. (Both sets of cheeks).

  • I dropped my Mac off the bed.

  • I am looking forward to having Monday off for President's Day simply so I can catch up in school. Kind of an oxymoron.
SO happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! :)


McGriddle Pants said...

Twix bars!! Hahahaa! Love it. Yeah, it was supposed to SNOW here today in Oregon, and it was over 65. Weather men are stupid.

Lisa said...

Heck ya, thank GOD for the weekend :) Im happy about it too!

The Shabby Princess said...

There is nothing wrong with Twix for dinner ;)

Tiffany said...

EEK! Yay for the weekend, right? :) Hope you have a great one!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I seriously almost gagged at the netti pot. Oh that's rough!

Kelly said...

Omigosh, that is a BUNCH of "wrong" things you listed there, hahah!! Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful day tomorrow to catch up and relax!

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh, did you aspirate on your Neti Pot solution??