Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't see how you would need any more proof that I am getting old(er):

1). I no longer have fun when surrounded by college-age coeds taking shots, hitting on the opposite sex, and bumping and grinding. (Oh wait, I never had fun in this scenario).

2). I have two drinks, and I feel like I need a week to recuperate.

3). I find myself saying "Is it just me, or is this music way too loud?" at least 3 times.

4). The idea of staying home baking cinnamon rolls sounds like my idea of a fabulous Saturday night.

5). I wear a CARDIGAN to the bars. Yes, a cardigan.

Evidence from the weekend:

Just to prove that I am still fun. Mr. Ruby was the photojournalist of the evening. He decide to take a couple "candid" shots. I was rolling when I saw these.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, we could totally hang out...a nice quiet night in :) I found myself nodding to all of your points!!

CMae said...

oh seriously Mrs. Ruby you are not ALONE!!!!! I too, also find myself getting super annoyed by the Youngins out at the bars...mainly bec of their sheer stupidly in talk, conversations, and attitudes. I'd rather save my $$$ and stay in!

McGriddle Pants said...

That is the BEST PICTURE of you EVER!! Amazingness!!

And I feel your pain. I so hate the "bar scene". I don't mind going out with friends and having some brews, or singing some karaoke, but no dancing for me!!

And those cinnamon rolls look AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

It gets cold in a bar, I completely understand the cardigan!! Also, those cinnamon rolls look amazing!! I think it looks like a fabulous time!!

Alex Carter said...

lol I feel the same way too when I go to a bar, and those cinnamon rolls look fabulous!!!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I must be old too, because everything you said I agreed with.

Eric and I try and push ourselvesa to go out to a bar that we used to go to when we were dating, but it just doesn't seem as fun anymore. We'd much rather be on the couch...with netflix, pizza, and cookies. and i wonder how we've gained 20 pounds...

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

O no- your evidence means I'm old too!

The Shabby Princess said...

Those pictures crack me up!!! Also, I'm fairly certain that I would wear a cardigan to a bar. Considering I wear them basically 24/7.