Saturday, February 26, 2011

Road Trip

And we're off.

We desperately need a little weekend getaway.

Even if this little getaway is Tulsa, Oklahoma. :)

We're going to spend the day with one of my dearest college friends and her fiance! I'm in her wedding in June, and I haven't seen her since she visited us in Rhode Island about year and a half ago. I. can't.wait.

And while my sweet husband is driving, I will be doing this:

Grading dozens of papers. Planning lessons. Working on school. Taking a little snooze.

Fun times.

Hope all you lovelies have a WONDERFUL SATURDAY!!!


CMae said...

I can't even read papers in the car I get car sick easy!

Tickled Pink said...

Have fun!! Hope you are able to get a lot done during the drive!

Anonymous said...

Ang - now you're becoming a true teacher - use every possible moment to grade, plan, jot down an idea and get even SOMETHING done for school since it is never ending. Welcome to the club

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

yea for Tulsa! :) I wish I could grade in the car without getting carsick!

Jen said...

Have a great weekend! :)

Mrs. Bear said...

Oooo have so much fun!!! And that sounds like lots of work to keep you occupied =0)

Anonymous said...

I hate taking work with you traveling! I had to do that this week too, the change of scenery was nice though!