Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ocean State Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: To anyone reading who just so happens to be from Rhode Island..I apologize now. This post is written to describe my love/hate relationship with this little state. And let's be honest, this is coming from someone who is from a place that is purely known for: Oz, disastrous tornadoes, the flattest land in the world, and serial killers. 

Dearest Little Rhody, 

It's been a long time coming. I must vent and release my excruciatingly painful pet peeves that you have introduced me to. 

1). Seriously the worst drivers on the entire planet. This is not a lie. In fact, I have almost gotten in multiple accidents due to the "Rhode Island Pull-Out" where drivers have the brilliant idea of forcing oncoming traffic to slam on their breaks by pulling out in the middle of heavy traffic. Not to mention backing up on the highway, going 35 mph in the rain, and having no clue what "right-of-way" means. Don't believe me? Read here - RI has been ranked several times as having the worst drivers in the U.S. 

2). An accent I simply cannot understand. Luckily, our friends and co-workers seem to have learned proper grammar in elementary school. However, the majority of individuals in R.I. are nearly impossible to understand. I often find myself asking, "How do you spell that?" They add the letter "r" to the end of almost every word...yet they remove "r" when it's supposed to be there. For example: "I have an idea-r" or "Under my umbrella-r" and "I'm driving my cah" or "I'm having a haht attack". 

3). No one leaves. Ever. I guess this shouldn't really be a pet peeve. I mean, we can all learn a little something from Rhode Islanders in regards to loyalty and love for one's state. However, no one ever leaves. And I don't just mean permanently. Many have never even been to Boston...and it's 45 minutes away. And driving over 15 minutes is considered a roadtrip - one must pack a suitcase for a venture that far. 

4). No one thinks there is anything outside of Rhode Island. This coincides with #3. I think Rhode Islanders forget that there is another part of the United States...or the world for that matter. I can't tell you how many times I've run into people who have no clue where Kansas is. I have been called "Southern" and a "West Coast Girl" multiple times. Oh, and biggest pet peeve of all? When people say, "Oh, I bet moving here was such a culture shock b/c it's so fast-paced." Umm. No. 

5). Everyone knows everyone. I guess this goes along with being the smallest state. I have never felt so claustrophobic. It is like an incredibly small town where everyone knows everyone else's business. And people think I'm from a small town. 

6). Not as much smiling and waving as I'm used to. So, being from the midwest, I am used to happy, polite, friendly people. When I first moved here, I got a LOT of stares because I would randomly smile or say hello to people in the grocery store/mall/restaurant/anywhere. I got over that very quickly. I was actually not shocked at all to read that Rhode Islanders got ranked 2nd for most neurotic and 6th for most disagreeable. 

7). Weird obsession with license plates. This is one I've simply stopped trying to understand. Low numbered license plates are such a hot commodity, people pay thousands of dollars, spend hours begging the governor, and even commit crimes simply to get certain license plates. And no, I don't mean vanity plates. The stinking plates that are handed out at the DMV. It is the most absurd thing ever. Don't believe me again? Read here

Alright, alright. Enough bashing my current residence. Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I feel that it is my duty to identify some of the Ocean State's redeeming qualities. 

1). First and foremost, we have made some of the best friends ever! 

2). Seriously the best seafood and Italian food that you will ever try. 

3). SO much to do: kayaking, beaching, hiking, biking, name it!

4). Amazing beaches.

5). The prettiest fall foliage. People come from all over the world to witness the beauty.

So, Rhode Island. I guess you're not so bad after all. Thanks for putting up with my impulsive lashing. Please note that this post was all in good fun, and Mr. Ruby and I really are so happy here! :)

Love, Mrs. Ruby


Only The Good Stuff said...

SO funny!!! Beautiful pictures!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Hilarious! I went to RI last August for a wedding, and the father of the bride went all gah gah over license plate #12 and I was shocked when he told me it was a status thing! haha.

Practically Perfect... said...

Great post :-) Yeah, RI drivers are the worst, followed shortly by MA drivers! I wrote all about that in my post comparing Massachusetts with Indiana! (

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Too funny! I do know someone though who escaped! He went to my college for about two years lol

Lauren said...

and I can't wait to experience it all this coming weekend!!!! I am so excited! I hope i get a post about my visit, bestie!! :)

Lucky in Love said...

Well, I'm glad it's not all bad :) But it sounds like you put up with a lot!

Anne-A-Bell said...

And don't forget the
"SLAM ON MY BRAKES TO LET SOMEONE MERGE" move. OH man....... they think they're being polite?
Right-OF-WAY!! Yeah, forget about 4 way stops. No wonder the round-a-bouts(rotarys) are only in Bahh-ston.
Oh, and the Furtad's actually did move out of Little Rhodey. Well, alllllllllllll the way to Braintree Mass, so like 30 mintues. hahahaa!
Oh and of course, my favorite and yours... "This is Lind-er from Amic-er"