Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 27: Sniffles and Snow

Week 27: 02/17/13 - 02/23/13

This past week was probably the best I've had since you were born.
Well, besides your first week in the world.
That was a good one too.

And even though you and Dad were sick,
last week still ranks up there.

It started off rough.

I was so excited to have Monday off as a conference credit day.
Because anytime I have a day off work, I have really high expectations.
I make big plans to spend every single second playing with and loving on my Bean.

But your case of the sniffles/coughs/stuffy nose had other plans.
So Mom improvised.
I spent the day trying to soothe a pretty fussy baby.

And then I went to work Tuesday.
And sad I had to be at work while my baby and husband were home sick.
I kept thinking about how I should be home making chicken noodle soup and being a little stay-at-home-nurse.
Giving you and Dad lots of extra snuggles to rid the sick away.

But this mama has absolutely no days to take off.
Even to take care of her sick babe(s).

Needless to say,
I was in a pretty foul mood.
Chewing on that pungent taste of bitterness.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening.
Mama got herself the first snow day in her teaching career.
(Besides student teaching when we used all 10 snow days.)

And I've spent every second with you and your flushed little cheeks since.
Because we are currently on snow day number 4 at the moment.
*And sniffle day number 7.*

An added bonus?
Being sick has left you begging me for extra cuddles.
You've even fallen asleep in my arms just about every day.
Little piece of heaven.
Right in my arms.
Haven't felt such mama-joy since you were a newborn.

In a nutshell.
It's been a pretty amazing week.
An unexpected snow break.
With spring break just around the corner.

And I've even been spending *a small fraction* of it gaining some fresh teaching ideas.
Hoping to revive my teaching spirit.

But I've mostly been spending my time off catching up on housework.
And marveling in your sweetness.
And laughing at just about everything you do.

This week will go down in history.
As the best unexpected surprise stay-cation.

If we can only get those sniffles to shoo.

...but not the extra cuddles.


Carolyn said...

Hopefully everyone feels better quickly! Enjoy your snow days!! :)

Lauren said...

I miss you! Stay warm and get to feeling better! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say than you for blogging your blog! You dont know me but i stumbled upon your site one day at work (i have a desk job) and i have been reading it ever since(back when you were pregent)!! Its so odd, i feel like i know you..your stories inspire me and i look forward to mother hood one day! If i could be half of the mother you are, i would consider myself blessed! Please keep blogging, i look forward to your stories, they truly help me get through the hectic work day!

Wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world!

Many thanks from Canada!! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My goodness, I bet you're loving this snow!! Staycations are the greatest - so refreshing. Can't get enough of that chevron onesie and those chubby Lyla cheeks!

Seriously loving your blog posts!! Isn't blog land so fun? :)

Stay cozy! Hope your munchkin feels better very soon!

Anonymous said...

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KRISTIN said...

Awww sweet girl. Hope she is feeling better! YAY for snow days!