Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 Months: A Birthday Post of Sorts

Six months.

As in, half a year.

Happy half-birthday to my sweet Beans.

I have to admit.
I hadn't even really thought of the significance of today.
Until this exact moment.
As I sat down to type a typical "monthly post".
And was honestly dreading it.
Because I simply don't have the energy.

I'm sleep-deprived.
And still fighting off a sinus infection.
And feeling quite mopey.
Because you and your daddy are sick.
And I wanted nothing more than to be with my sick family today.
But I had to work.

So, I rushed home.
And tried to get in a little 6 month photo session.
Because it's a BIG DAY.
And because I tried all weekend to snap some photos.
But you were too sick.
And tonight didn't go much better.

Runny nose.
Flushed cheeks.
Chapped skin.
Dog photo bombs.
Terrible lighting.

But this is reality.
And I want to remember all the moments.

Instead of a normal monthly post.
I'm going a bit off the cuff here.
And talking straight from the heart.

It is impossible to believe that just 6 short months ago, you entered the world.
Like every other Saturday morning, I woke up to go to my swim class.
Which turned into 20 hour labor.
Which resulted in the most precious gift we've ever received.

I've never felt such joy.
Happiness that brings me to tears to think about.
Overwhelming bliss that sends me to my knees with thankfulness.

I didn't know I could love someone so much.
And I didn't know I could love your dad even more than I already did.
My heart might just burst.

August 19, 2012 changed our world as we knew it.
For the better.
The best.

You've done some pretty crazy things to my heart.

There are so many things I love about you.
It's the little, ordinary moments I want to remember most.

Your little breaths.
Your cheesy grins.
How you resemble a dinosaur when you're teething.
When you reach up to study my face.
The way you gently reach out for things.
And carefully study everything.
Your random bursts of laughter.
How you stop to listen when we sing to you.
The way you sink into me to cuddle when you're sick.
Your rambunctious kicking on the changing table.
Saturday morning cuddles in mom and dad's bed.
Your newfound trick of "yelling".
The way you lean forward and put out your lips when you want more food.
How you imitate the things we do - Most recently shaking your head "no".
How you crack up when I chomp your cheeks. Or thighs. Or any body part, really.
Your high-pitched "oooh-oooh-oooh"s.
Talking and laughing in your bed when you wake from naps.
The way you light up when we praise you.
The serious bond we have. Mother-Daughter style.

I could go on.
But it's safe to say I love everything about you.

And I love being a mom.
To you.

Happy Biiiirthday, dear Chunkin. Happy Birthday to you!


Emily said...

She's adorable Ang! I love your thoughts. I echo so many of them! :)

Amanda said...

She is seriously just SO CUTE!

Ali Moore said...

Great photos, Ang!

Happy half birthday to Ly!

Carolyn said...

OMG! So cute! Such a sweetie!!

Carolyn said...

and Happy Half Birthday!! :)

Anonymous said...

As Gigi,I'm blessed. I enjoy little Lyla more than words could ever say.
As Mom, I'm moved (often to tears).to see my own son as Lyla's daddy.
As Your mother in law I'm proud. Of you and your daily effort to move in grace through the callings of mother and wife.
I'm humbled to be front and center to God's handiwork. XO

Katie said...

She is so beautiful!! Happy 6 months sweet girl!! :)