Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Real 6 Month Post

6 Months Old: 02/19/13

Someone's pretty thrilled about her outfit.

Since I've had an unexpected few days off because of the Thundersnow, I figured I should probably drum up an actual 6 month post. 

Because six months is a big one. 
And I want to remember all the things you've accomplished.

You were scheduled for your 6 month appointment last Thursday. 
But everywhere in Wichita shut down due to the snow.
So, I don't know your height and weight. 

Mom Fail.

But here are some other funsies from the past month.

Milestones. You may not be a roller, but you sure are a sitter. You told me you pretty much want to be a professional sitter when you grow up. You're that good. And you love to show off your standing skills (with Mom and Dad's help, of course). Still not sure how you hold yourself up with those chunky monkey thunder thighs...
Oh. And you are mighty awesome at reaching for things and picking them up. In fact, this is what first motivated you to sit so well. You especially like to reach out and pull Samson's fur. You think it's quite hilarious. He does not.

Firsts. We had some major firsts this month. You caught your first cold. This has been the worst sick season our family has ever experienced. Mom has been sick 4 times, and Dad's been sick twice. It's a miracle you've only been sick once. Mama's antibodies must be working overtime!

We gave you your first solids. Who knew food could be so fun? I seriously find such joy in making your baby food and watching you try new things. So far, you've loved everything we've given you. Your current palette includes: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, and peas. I think squash has been your favorite, but you truly love it all. I'm really happy we decided to wait until 5 1/2 months to start solids. You were completely ready. And you've lived up to your nickname.

You sprouted your first tooth! It took Mommy by surprise as she just so happened to feel something sharp in your little mouth. You haven't stopped playing with it ever since. Oh. And don't think I forgot to mention your little biting incident. I was nursing you before bed one night. And you all-of-a-sudden chomped down. Hard. I squealed in pain. You detached, looked up at me, and I sternly said, "No Lyla. Don't bite Mommy."
And you started cracking up.
I kid you not.
I was befuddled.
You started nursing again.
And you BIT again.
I swear this time was on purpose.
I said "NO".
And you laughed again.

I looked it up on Baby Center, and apparently babies can have one of two reactions when they bite and Mom yells. 1). They get so scared, they go on a nursing strike. 2). They think it's hilarious and do it again to get the same reaction.

You little stinker.

So. I finally got smart and if you bit, I immediately stopped nursing.

You haven't bitten since.

Big Moments. We had some big moments this month. You finally got over your tummy issues. No reflux medicine for over a month now, and you are a different baby. You don't seem uncomfortable anymore, you spit up significantly less, and you rarely fuss. Because of this, you've also gotten so much better about being our little Baby-On-The-Go. You love being out and about. You've even gotten good about napping in places other than your bed - the car, noisy restaurants, friends' houses...and your favorite is Target. You experienced your first Valentine's Day (which was pretty anti-climatic, thanks to the whole fam being sick) and your first snow. Oh. And you found out you can yell.

Clothes.  You are still rocking all your 3-6 month clothes. Well, onesies, shirts, and jammies. Your pants are anywhere from 6-9 months. You've got some thighs. Sorry about those genetics. But, you're mostly in 6 month outfits. I'm sure that won't last too much longer...

Eating. You're consistently taking two 4.5 ounce bottles at GiGi's. And I'm nursing you in the morning when you wake up, once after school, and right before bed. And you typically have one solid "meal" per day.

Sleep. You are such a good little sleeper. 12-13 hours every single night. When you got sick, you had two nights where you woke up quite upset and needed rocked back to sleep. Haven't done that since you were a newborn. But, you got right back on the sleep train. However, your naps have been a little iffy. We're still dealing with some congestion, and it's making you a not-so-happy-little-camper.

Your songs.  This is Daddy's department. I tear up every time I catch him singing and/or playing your songs. You have a daddy-daughter song that he's played for you since you were born: "You and I, We're the Same" by the Avett Brothers. You.light.up. every time you hear it. And Dad coined a song for you that's all yours: "This Girl is Fire" by Alicia Keys. I tear up every time I hear it. Because you ARE on fire, and there are no limits to what you can do.

Loves. When Mom sings to you. You particularly love "Mmm-Bop" right now. Yep. Mom pulled out some Hanson in a moment of desperation. You are also pretty obsessed with your Dad. Especially when he plays with you - like when he tilts you back and brings you back up. You enter a pure state of joy.
Some other loves: peek-a-boo, when mom chomps your limbs, the dogs, TV, when Mom and Dad clap and praise you, food,  your thumb.

Dislikes. We went through a little Stranger-Danger phase. You would start tearing up and pouting out your lip every time someone you didn't know got close. Especially if they tried to hold you. It was incredibly sad. Especially when you wouldn't even let Grams and Gramps hold you. After about 10 minutes, you would get long as you could still see Mom or Dad.
But, I think we're past it now.

Personality. You are definitely your father's daughter. Overall, a very laid back baby. Doesn't take a whole lot to keep you entertained. In fact, we can plop you down, and you quietly and happily play with one toy for an hour...or two. You're incredibly gentle, sweet, and even thoughtful. Like when you reach out for things, you think about it for a second and slowly touch or grab - like my face. Adorable. You're also fairly quiet and even shy.
Pretty perfect in every way if you ask me.

Favorite Playthings. Still love Sophie the Giraffe,  your bouncy ball, anything that makes noise, and your latest obsession is anything cloth.


Carolyn said...

So sweet! That last picture CRACKS ME UP!! :) She seems like such a little character. So cute!!

Morgan Stremmel said...

Do u make your own baby food?? Got any resources? :)