Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life of a Working Mama

Well, Chunkin.

It's 10:24.

Exactly one hour and 24 minutes past mama's bedtime.

That's right.
I *try* to go to bed by 9:00 every night.
Which gets me 8 hours of sleep, seeing that I get up at 5:00 a.m.

But I've had 2 cups of coffee.
In an attempt to stay up and prepare for my planned observation next week.

I've worked nonstop since you went to bed at 6:15.
Over three hours.

This seems to be a recurring theme the past couple of weeks.

Because, let's be honest.
Long gone are the days of simply passing out worksheets and popping in videos.

*Makes me want to sucker-punch anyone who tells me that it must be nice to work 8-4 and have summers off.*

Excuse the violence.

I've decided to have a positive attitude, remember?
Going to work with a purpose.
Making it better.
Making my students better.

For me, this means giving my all to my job.
And still trying to balance work life and home life.
To love my job, but leave work at work.

Not so possible when you're a teacher.
Can't do your actual "work" until the work day is finished.
Because during the work day, you're a bit preoccupied with a little thing called students.

In other work news, my worst nightmare finally came true last week.
I say "finally" because it was inevitable.
Especially when you're me.
And have been blessed with my "luck".

Of course it involves pumping.
Because the pump and I have a love-hate relationship.
I hate the pump.
And the pump loves to torture me.

I was in an important meeting during my plan time.
Plan time = pump time, FYI.

I started to panic as the meeting started to run over.
I knew someone was covering me until I could return to my classroom.
But all I could picture was 20 antsy fourth graders testing the limits while Mean Mrs. Green was away.

I was also very aware that I still needed to pump.

More panic.

I asked our super-understanding counselor if I could borrow her office.
I normally pump in my classroom during plan time.
But, my heavens, I couldn't do that with 20 fourth graders in there.
Because my meeting ran over, remember?

I knew I'd have to make it a quickie.

So, I locked both doors.
And started my business.
I texted Gabe to tell him how crazy my morning was.
And how awkward I felt to be in an unfamiliar office.
Doing something so personal.

The door handle started to rattle.

I yelled, "Someone's in here."

And held my breath.

Then, I heard a key.

Three times.

And what do you know?
In waltzes my principal.

It took her a minute to fully comprehend what was going on.

She immediately turned around and said (at least a dozen times),
"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry".

Absolute horrification.

I'm not so sure which party was more mortified.

On the positive side?
She's a woman.

But still my boss nonetheless.

And my evaluation is next week, remember?


Life of a working mama.

Good thing you're cute, Chunkin.


Rachel said...

WORST NIGHTMARE. Our keys all opened every door and I was TERRIFIED that someone would come in. But good news--your baby is the cutest ever.

Amy said...

Oh dear. I think this is every working mom's worst nightmare! It's probably happened to most of us too- I had the janitor walk in on me. VERY embarrassing.

annaO said...

This is hilarious!! I'm trying not to laugh out loud because Carson is napping! :) I had to pump in my boss's office and although she never walked in on me, I always felt SUPER awkward because our office had incredibly thin walls. You are a great mama, Angela! And, from what I can tell a great teacher too. I know it can be hard, but keep up the good work!

Carolyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! HAHA This is so not funny, but it's really funny! Thank goodness she was a woman! :)

Kyla @ The Simpsons said...

Oh NO!!! I was cringing when you said you heard the key!

I pump at work as well in an extra office we have, which is right off the lounge. So one day one of my coworkers was right outside the door and I could just feel my whole body getting nervous that they were going to open it!! And the walls... so thin.

Krista said...

I can totally relate to your embarrassment Ang! The same thing happened to me with my boss...except he's a man. Luckily, I sat pretty close to the door, so I jumped up (pump and all) and grabbed the door handle to shut the door before he could walk in. I will never forget the rattling of the keys...horrifying.

Jessica said...

oh my gosh this totally happened to me too!! I was wearing one of those hands free pumping bras. i've never been more embarrassed! in my case it was a 50 year old man, who then CALLED me to apologize.
really?? can't we just never ever talk about it again!! whew but GOOD for you for making the sacrifice and committment to pump!! i imagine its so hard as a teacher!! love hearing your little lyla updates :)

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Oh my word, I was nervous reading this! You are amazing!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe they still came in when you kept yelling, don't come in! AWKWARD!