Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 24: Personality Peeping

Week 24: 01/27/13 - 02/02/13

I love getting little glimpses into the future.
It's like getting a sneak peak of what's to come when you're older.

Your personality, of course, made its debut months ago.
But lately, I just feel like you have really come into your own.

You are officially you now.
You are Lyla-Beans.

There's one very simple word to describe you lately.


I mean everything you do.

The way you wake up from naps and quietly talk in your bed.
Your after-breakfast snuggles on my shoulder.
How you gingerly reach out for things.
The way you slowly reach up and grab faces.
How you carefully study everything around you.
Your soft little "ooohh-ooohh-ooohh's".
And of course that ear-to-ear grin that never leaves your face.

Even your little laughs.
Not hardy-har-har, like Mom's laugh.
More like sweet little giggles.

Just all-around sweet, Chunkin.
Feminine, even.

You better believe I soak up every ounce of the hour I get with you in the evenings.
And I've been waking you up 15 minutes earlier in the mornings.
Just for a little extra mother-daughter time.

These moments are so incredibly precious to me.
I sing with you.
We read together.
We play together.
And I pray for you.

And then of course there's Daddy.
Oh my how you love your Daddy.
I melt into a puddle of mush every time I see the way you look at him.

And we love celebrating your little accomplishments.
Like how well you've been sitting up.
We clap and say, "Yeah Chunkin".

Or like this past weekend.

You ate your first solids.
At five and a half months.
Mom finally thought you were ready.

And I was right.

We fed you oatmeal for the first time.
And you loved it.
At first, you weren't quite sure what to do.
Then, after one swallow, you opened your mouth for more.

I mean, Dad and I shouldn't have been surprised.
You're Chunkin for a reason.

I can't wait to make more baby food.
What an adventure.

And we also went on a little road trip with friends.
You got to hang out with Baby Henry and Baby Maddie.

We were gone the whole day.
And you did so well.
Had a blast with the other babes.
And even got a couple of good naps in.

Sidenote: *You know you're old when you rave for days how much fun you had in Hutchison, Kansas with two other mommy friends and their husbands and babies. Chili, napping babies, and conversation. I seriously felt like we went on vacation.

And then Sunday, Mom got out of her comfort zone.
Made a change of plans.
Got spontaneous, even.
I was planning to work all day.
But we got a phone call.
And last-minute decided to go on an impromptu trip to the zoo with the Lee's.
A fabulous time, yet again.

I just hope the fun never ends.


McGriddle Pants said...

I'm happy you're so happy Bonange! She's a cutie pie too!! :)*hugs*

Carolyn said...

This post is so sweet! I can just imagine her adorable little giggles. :) Such a sweetie!

Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

What a happy, adorable cutie!! Sweet pictures!

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