Monday, February 25, 2013

My Hero: The Blizzard of Oz

Anticipating snow days as an adult is about 5 times more exciting as it is for a kid.
Especially when you're a teacher.

Last Wednesday is when it all went down.
I think I refreshed my weather channel app at least 467 times in the span of 10 minutes.
Trying not to hope too hard for a snow day.
For fear I would jinx it.

And when my phone rang, I knew.
It was the call.
That let me know, NO SCHOOL THURSDAY.
I squealed with delight.

And then Thursday night, I got another call.
I was sitting on the floor with Lyla.
I realized I missed a call.
When I checked my message,
I cried.
But I couldn't believe I would get another day with my babe.

And now.
Here we are.
Snow day number 3.
With a possible snow day number 4 tomorrow.

While many are complaining on Facebook of cabin fever and being cooped up with their kids, I am rejoicing.

Thank you, Blizzard of Oz.
Blizzard Number Two.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you are my hero.

We made history. With over 14 inches of snow, the first storm went down in history as the second worst blizzard Kansas has seen since snowstorms started being recorded in 1888. Wow. And it was dubbed as the Blizzard of Oz for obvious reasons. We experienced our first ever "thundersnow", where it pours snow instead of rain. And now we're currently looking at blizzard number two. History repeating itself, we shall see.

I got to pee more than twice a day. Oh my goodness. This is a biggie. You see, I drink a lot fluid in a day. A lot. So, it gets a little tricky when I get two breaks in the day to pee. (Try that when you're pregnant. Sheesh). So, it's been quite the luxury to pee when I have the urge. No holding it til' I feel I might explode.

I have not been a Mom-Bot. I've been able to break free of my role as Mom-Bot. Since I've gone back to work, I've unfortunately been on autopilot. Doing what I have to do to survive. To get it all done. Because there aren't nearly enough hours in the day. Or weeks, for that matter. So. I walk around like a Mom-Bot. Not this week. I've been fun. Spontaneous even. And I actually had the time to enjoy my life! Including but not limited to: taking care of a sick husband and babe, drink coffee everyday, read, catch up on blogs, drink real hot cocoa.

You can call me a homemaker. On a normal week, forget a home cooked meal on the table. And cleaning? Just ask the 6 month collection of dust on top of our refrigerator or the 8 mounds of laundry still needing to be put away. But thanks to the Blizzard of Oz, I've been a cleaning machine. I have sanitized and even bleached the majority of this house. And guess what? I wasn't even mad about it. You can usually find me griping and *sometimes cursing under my breath* while I'm dusting and vacuuming. Who wants to do those things when you have a Chunkin you rarely see? But thanks to the blizzard, I happily cleaned. And *gasp* cooked AND baked.

Got myself a good night's sleep. This one's a doozie. I normally have my sleep issues. And typically wake up an hour to two hours before my alarm goes off. And I just lie there. Stressing over things I forgot to do the day before. But not with this blizzard. I've slept like a baby. And I have the kinks in my neck to prove it.

Try out my dream job. This reason alone makes me want to all out open-mouth-kiss the blizzard. I have thoroughly enjoyed and done a fine good job if-I-do-say-so-myself of playing the part of stay-at-home-mom. I mean, I was made for this stuff. In all seriousness, I don't think I've ever had a better week in my life. I have savored every single sweet moment with my babe. (Babe #1 AND Babe #2).

I think I've found my calling.


Carolyn said...

Seriously. How do you not kiss and pinch those cheeks all day long!??!?! SO CUTE!

Carolyn said...
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Jessica said...

Cute post! Glad you are enjoying your snow-vacation!!!

Krista said...

This snow is crazy! But so good for us working mamas and our babes! I must ask where the extremely cute yellowish hat/band you are wearing is from?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay!! That's so exciting for you that you got to stay home. I know how much from reading that you hate having to leave her! Stay warm and safe!