Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 28: Happy Heart

Week 28: 02/24/13 - 03/02/13

Most days I am a frazzled mess. 

Running around like an absolute lunatic. 
Hobbling to my car with my suit-case-size teacher bag, my pump, my giant straight-from-the-hospital jug full of ice water, a packed lunch, my recess coat, and a laptop. 

And even though I double and triple check to make sure I've got it all together,
I usually forget at least one thing. 

This week is a perfect example.

Tuesday: forgot to put on deodorant.
Wednesday: locked my keys in my car
Thursday: left my pump at school 

Forgetting things just starts to become part of my daily routine.
It's a miracle straight from the Lord that I make it out the door with my pants on. 

And then.
Every once in awhile,
I receive a special gift. 
One that brings me to tears. 
And to my knees.
Out of pure thankfulness. 

I get the rare gift of time.
Time spent with my sweet babe.

Last week, I started off the week with not one, but TWO unexpected snow days.
Best surprise ever. 

My lunch was packed on Sunday night.
Clothes laid out.
And I was already feeling grateful for the two previous snow days spent with you.
And then I got the call. 
Another snow day.
And then yet another the day after that. 
Four snow days in a row. 

And you know what? 
I didn't get stir crazy even for a second. 
I savored every single second with a certain chubby-cheeked little lady. 

And this past week was jam-packed with so many fun things. 

Now when I sing to you, you start singing back.
And you finally outgrew your little mohawk. (As sad as I was, your sweet combover has totally grown on us).
You have started laughing and kicking when you wake up from your naps. One day, Dad and I were downstairs watching a movie while you napped. We kept hearing this banging. We thought someone was working on something outside. Until we finally realized it was you...happily banging your legs in your crib. You thought it was hilarious.
You had your six month checkup. You weigh 15 lbs and 4 ounces and are 26.2 inches long. 
After your shots, you and Dad came to visit me at parent-teacher conferences. It's so cute how you get shy around strangers, but you were quite comfortable with my teammate, Miss Sarah. But the doctor said your stranger-danger phase is actually very healthy. It means you are emotionally aware of those who care for and love you. Melt my little ol' heart. 
The doc was also quite impressed with your ability to sit so well. Thank goodness. Because you still refuse to roll. Luckily doc said not to worry about this one bit. 
Oh. And we cuddled. A lot. You even fell asleep in my arms a few times. Heaven, I tell ya.  

It was a good little week.

One that I will always look back on and smile.

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Kendra said...

She is so cute. And I'm glad you're starting her drinking early. :)