Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 30: Little Person with Big Changes

Week 30: 03/10/13 - 03/16/13

Sweet Beans.
You're such a little person now.
Stop growing up, please.
Or a least just slow down a little. 

This week was a big one.
Full of changes.
All of them make me smile from ear to ear.

Like how you love the wind.
I mean, love.
When we go outside and the wind blows in your face,
you laugh hysterically.
It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

And you've started reaching out for us when you want to be held. 
Stops my beating heart. 
Simply turns it to a puddle of goo.

You *finally* sprouted your second tooth.
This one seemed to give you more trouble than the last.
You were a bit fussy.
Right up until that thing popped through.
Then, you were a happy camper.
So was mama.

And a few funny discoveries.

You've learned how to fake cough.
And you think you're quite clever.
These "coughing" sessions always end in giggles.
For both you and Mom.

And I think you may have found a thumb replacement.
However, I doubt it's permanent.
But you sure do love this replacement.
Your toes!
You would suck on those things until they shriveled to prunes if I let you.
You are simply amazed by them.

Although you refuse to do much moving outside of it, 
you do love to move around in your crib
We find you in the most hilarious positions.
Your favorite is getting your leg stuck in the crib slats. 
Mama needs to get on the ball and get you some crib bumpers.

And Auntie Laura from Rhode Island came for a visit. 
You sure love visitors. 
But you especially loved Laura. 
You both played for hours.
And she found the real key to your heart.

It was so great to have her here.
We chatted for three days straight.
And she even gave me some tips on how to work on your motor skills because she's a PT who works with little tots.

She said you're just a little perfectionist who is afraid of failure.
Who in the world did you learn that from?
Sorry, Chunkin.

For example, you have a hard time putting out your arms to support you.
And you get nervous to try new things.
But after working with Laura just a bit, you now automatically put your arms out to support you and even cross over to reach out to pick up toys. 

We also went to the park.
Where you got to play with your buddy Henry.
And you rode on a swing for the first time. 
You laughed and laughed.
And my heart melted.

Nothing new there.

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Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Adorable! And pretty sure the world (ahem.. me) needs a video of her laughing in the wind! :) Please and thank you!