Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 31: Party Animal

Week 31: 03/17/13 - 03/23/13

Spring Break this year looked a bit different than it did nine years ago when I was sippin' cocktails in Panama City Beach, Florida with 7 other sorority sisters.

A bit quieter, I'd say.

Yet still one of the best weeks I've had.

I got to play stay-at-home mama.
And did lots of shopping.
And our besties from RI came in to visit.
And you got to stay up late every night.

It was so wonderful to see Auntie Lynne and Uncle Paul.
Things felt so...normal.

Of course Auntie packed an entire carry-on with gifts for you.
That's what aunties are for. 

And just when I think these sweet gifts for you can't be topped.
Auntie brings you a backpack full of handmade goodies.
Like a baby afghan made by one of her co-workers.
A baby afghan?

We *all* had so much fun.
Just like old times.
Lounging in our sweats.
Chatting for hours and hours.
Spending way to much money on dinners out.

We couldn't get enough of them.
And they sure couldn't get enough of you. 

We even *kinda* forgot we were parents for a day and indulged in 2:00 happy hour at the Mexican restaurant up the street.
Yes, you participated.
(Well, by virtue of attendance.)
And yes, we got the you-are-horrible-parents eye as others walked by and glared while we sipped our drinks and you happily chewed on your baby cracker.
I don't understand the judgement.
Our sang-a-ritas were only the size of a salad bowl.

Just reliving the good ol' days, I guess.

Thanks for skipping multiple naps.
Multiple days in a row.

You party animal, you.

After all.
It was spring break.

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Anonymous said...

Such a happy girl!