Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 51: Practically an Adult

Sorry for the one-week hiatus, Chunkin.

Mama's been a bit busy.

Started a new job.
Planned a baby shower.
Been crafting and planning for quite a milestone birthday for a special little lady.

But, don't you worry though.
I'm on top of your weekly updates.

Because we only *gulp* have two more left.

I'm quite surprised that I'm not super emotional.
I'm just too excited.
It's fun to have an *almost* one year old.

You surprise us every single day with something new.

Like your first day of daycare last week.
It was the first time *ever* that we have left you with someone besides family.
Mom was a bit nervous.
Because, you don't always do well with strangers.
But, when I went to pick you up, Miss Diane's exact words were, "She was so perfect".
She's said that every day since.

Or how you smoosh your face into our chests.
Or the chair.
Or the floor.
And start making snorting noises.

And, then there are our super-cheese-ball proud moments.
We get so excited and proud over little accomplishments you've made.
Things that *ahem* many other babies your age have been doing for a while.
Like, you've finally started sitting up from lying down.
We walked into your room one evening, and there you were.
In your crib.
Sitting up.
We walked in, and you started laughing and clapping.

So proud.

Your crib seems to be your safe zone.
Where you practice all of your tricks.
You don't like to try new things while we are watching.
You absolutely will not show off for strangers.
But you prefer to work on your skills by yourself.
Until you feel comfortable enough to show them off for us.

Pretty sweet.

And you love practicing pulling up.
You go up.
And down.
And up.
And down.

And you beg us to help you walk all the time now.
You scoot your way over and start trying to climb on us.
Then you lift your arms up and fuss until we pick you up to hold your hands to "walk".
You're taking quite the giant steps.
And even try to let go to do it by yourself.

We're getting there.
Slowly Steadily.

And then something quite amazing happened this week.
You have started pretending.
It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
And it pretty much has GiGi and Pops in awe.

It started when Pops put out his hand, palm up.
You looked down at it and acted like you were eating food out of his palm.
So, GiGi tried to get you to do it for me when I picked you up.

Sure enough.
You pretended to eat "snacks" out of her palm.
I laughed so hard, I was practically crying.
I couldn't get home fast enough to show Daddy.
You even make little chewing and chomping noises while you do it.


It's quite ridiculous, really.
The little things that excite me so.
They're what make me realize that I'm officially a mom.
And possibly lame?

Don't care.
I'm lovin it.

Ignore the our brown door with the white trim.


Amanda said...

Lol, she is TOO cute for words. That video cracks me up.

Kyla @ The Simpsons said...

Oh my gosh! SO CUTE!!

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