Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 50: Where'd the Baby Go?

I'm not exactly sure what happened here.

The title of this post is quite telling of this past week.
Metaphorically and literally.
*I love when that happens.*

I found myself asking the same question over and over.
Where did my baby go?

I've had to do some double-takes lately.
You just seem older.
More mature, even.

Maybe it's the sweet tendrils that grew in overnight.
Or the way you lose your temper when you don't get something you want.
Or the way you surprise me with a kiss when I least expect it.
Or the way you point at your books when you want me to read a story.
Or the way you get so proud when you achieve a new little task.

Well you better believe I'm going to enjoy these last two weeks of baby-dom.

But then you go and do something to keep me on my toes.
Like last week.
I sat you down in the living room with your pots, pans, and measuring cups.
*Your favorites.*
And I went into the kitchen for 2 minutes.

I came back into the living room.
And you were gone.
I'm not kidding.
I couldn't find you.

Luckily, it took about 5 seconds before I heard you.
You meandered your way behind the chair.
I caught you playing with the AC vent.

I'm still not sure how you got there.
Booty-scooted, maybe?

I underestimated your "immobility".

Time to baby-proof, I guess.

About time.
Only took 11 Months.

Speaking of mobility.
I'm quite impressed with your creativity.
Because although you don't crawl, you sure manage to *quickly* get to wherever you want.
Key word = want.
And only then do you show off your skills.

I have to say.
I admire those decision making skills.
Girlfriend knows what she wants.
Mama can't even decide between Downy and Snuggles.

And you're making such progress in pulling up.
You just need a *wee* bit of assistance.
And you are actually taking steps.
You hold onto us, of course.
But this is the first time that you've really been able to lift your little legs to step on your own.

And you sure love your sweet little cheerleader position.
It's my your favorite way to sit.

And how could I forget?
Your daddy came home from a work conference.
He had been gone for one week.
You were playing on the floor with Samson and Mommy.
You heard the keys rattle in the door.
You immediately stopped and waited in complete silence.

Dad opened the door.
You looked up and squealed, "Da-Da, Da-Da, Da-Da"!!!

I've never seen your dad smile so big.
There was an extra bounce in his step for the next solid week.

Your Auntie Laur and Uncle D made a last-second stop in Wichita.
For a way-too-brief 24 hours.

They currently live in Uganda.
So this short trip was quite the pleasant surprise.

Auntie Laur is very special to Mom.
We've been friends since kindergarten.
We've won spelling bees together.
Started an eraser club.
Shaved our legs for the first time together.
Were *sadly* known for our glitter eyeshadow.
Sobbed for an hour straight in the Panera parking lot before leaving for different colleges.
Stood by one another in each of our weddings.

Since the day you were born, I've prayed that you are blessed with a friend like her.

Needless to say, Mama was VERY excited to see your auntie.
Spent the whole day together.
Trying to catch each other up on the past six months of life.
While the husbands talked man things.
And your dad got to show off his brewing skills.

Later that night, Mama had a proud moment.
I was actually feeling spontaneous.
Daring even.
And, I did something completely out of character.

I woke you up from a deep sleep.
So you could open your very first early birthday gift.

This next picture is an absolute treasure.
It is a fun reflection of so many things.

History of a 25 year friendship. 
Energy we've always been known for. 
Dazed and confused *almost* one year old.
Proud *spontaneous* mama.
Two of the most precious gals in my life.

You're a lucky little lady, Ly.

Metaphors and alliteration all in one post.
You're welcome.


Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Those CURLS!!

And I can only imagine what hearing your child perk up and yell your name when you walk threw the door can do for a mood boost! Adorable.

Happy early bday Lyla!

Catalyn H said...

She is absolutely adorable!!!! Happy early birthday to your baby girl!

Krista said...

Cheerleader position!? SO cute! Can't wait to see details from Ly's big day.