Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breakfast at Lyla's: Party Deets

Still recovering over here.
Still finding remnants of a good celebration.

The first of many birthday parties to plan.
And for the FIRST, we started off with a bang.
Because your party was fabulous.

Don't get too used to it though.
Next year is going to be a bit...simpler.
I'm thinking a few pizzas and some party hats?

Because mama went a little overboard this year.
But I couldn't help it.
It was so exciting once I got going.

The Breakfast at Lyla's theme was very fitting.
And incredibly fun to plan.

All I really knew was that I wanted something classy.

Just like the sweetie I was planning it for.

Instead of going the glitz, glamour, and bling route,
I decided I wanted a more shabby chic spin.

Instead of traditional Tiffany blue, I incorporated a more modern mint. 
With fresh, blush-colored flowers.
Sprinkled with white baby's breath.
And plenty of milk glass and mason jars.
With a side of mint-colored swirly straws. 

My super talented friend designed the print materials.
She brought all of my ideas to life.
Everything turned out better than I'd imagined.

The invites were perfect.

And she made adorable table labels for the food.
I went back and added little pearl decals for a simple, classy touch. 

The menu included:
Fabulous Fruit
Marvelous Mimosas
Posh Parfaits
Classy Quiche
Debonair Danishes
Simply Sweet Cupcakes
Sophisticated Sausage Puffs

She also designed and printed the cupcake toppers.
I cut out each little circle.
While watching Game of Thrones.
So, don't look too closely.

Before I go on, I must add a bit of reality to this post.
I'm no domestic goddess.
I mean, I can read a recipe and all.
Except when I get distracted while chatting with a friend.

Then, I do things like accidentally double the butter.
Then try to double everything else to make up for it.
Then ruin 2 dozen cupcakes.
And finally settle on the next 2 dozen.
In that whole process, I lost 24 of my special Etsy-ordered polka dot cupcakes.


And that frosting?
The secret is a lot of butter.
And powdered sugar.
And whipping cream.
Then a giant plastic bag with a corner cut out.
Just call me Martha.

My amazing friend also made thank you tags that read, "Thank you, Darling".
I stuffed the little treat bags with cereal.

And my favorite printed detail from the party?
Beer labels!

Dad brewed a super-special breakfast brew. 
Infused with cara, cara oranges.
I don't know many one year olds who have their own breakfast brew.
But word on the street is that it was quite delicious.

Some other fun details...and the secrets behind them.

A fabric-strip banner. I'd like to pretend that I'm super crafty and just-so-happened to have these fabulous fabric scraps lying around. I didn't. I strategically bought them.

Chalkboard birthday messages. I may be a teacher at heart, but my handwriting is awful. I googled fonts and copied them to my chalkboards.

Watch-Me-Grow banner. This was SO fun to make. However, I'm sure there was an easier way. I stenciled the numbers onto scrapbook paper, traced, and cut them out. Then glued onto doilies. Lots of time. But I love how it turned out. And I wish I was a photographer. Then, maybe I would have gotten some decent pics.

Smash Cake. Again. SO fun to make. However, I trashed the first one I made. And it took me like an hour to get my little swirlies how I wanted them. And I still wasn't happy. FYI - frosting melts when it's humid. Like everything else I made...don't look too closely. ;)

Oh. And I decided to bring out Lyla's dresser/changing table from her bedroom for the dessert and mimosa table. It totally completed the look. Conveniently, I was able to grab a diaper from the top left drawer mid-party. Bonus!

And I can't forget to mention my parents.
Who steam cleaned our carpets.
And took me to Sam's for a major grocery rendezvous.

And my in-laws.
Who always seem to bail me out.
After I realize I'm in over my head.
When I always underestimate time.

And my amazing husband.
Who is just the best.
All the time.

And to my Chunkin.
For giving me the best year ever.

What a birthday celebration, indeed.

I need a nap.


KRISTIN said...

I really can't handle how cute this is! Every detail is just adorable! Such a fantastic idea for a theme - I'm totally thinking of how I can copy you. :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Holy Cow Ang! You are super mom!! Every detail is amazing and I am seriously sitting here with my mouth wide open. I will be taking my kid to chuck e. cheese for his first. :)

Brittany said...

This looks fabulous ! You are super mom!

She is SO cute too!!

Rachel said...

Famous last words... the next party will be even bigger! It looks amazing!!

Carolyn said...

Oh. My. Word. I love every single little thing! :) SO CUTE!!!!! Seriously. You did AMAZING!

Krista said...

WOWZA! Ang, it was perfect! Thank you so much for allowing me to help you. You did an extraordinary job with creating your vision and incorporating such simple, classy details. AND, everything complimented so nicely with your cute house decor:) P.S. I've since found a 2" hole punch at JoAnn's for those damn cupcake toppers. I hadn't found one the right size until now. Next party I help with, I'm buying it! Sorry about all that cutting, lol :)

Shoshanah said...

This part looks so absolutely fabulous! I love the smash cake on the cake, and think it looks so pretty under under the glass. So many fabulous details... I'm just a little bit in awe!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That party looks amazing! I love it!