Monday, August 26, 2013

New Mommy Files: Cloth Diapers Part III

My last post on cloth dipes.

I took a brief hiatus. 
Needed a little break from thinking about baby poo. 
But I have just a few more thoughts to add. 

You can check out what I've already had to say here and here

I definitely want to reiterate. 
I'm no poster-child for cloth. 
However, we've been using them for a whole year. 
And will continue until Ly is potty trained. 
And hopefully will use on babe #2 someday. 
(Because let's be honest, that's when you noticeably start to save the cash-monies). 

 Plus, it is nice to jot down everything I've liked.
And not liked.
*That's important too.*

So here is a quick snapshot list of our personal must-haves when using cloth. 

1. Diapers. Well. You obviously need those. Personally, I feel it's worth the investment to purchase a brand that provides reliability and quality. I've talked to a few people who scimped and bought cheaper diapers, then had to replace them. Doesn't that completely go against one of the main reasons to cloth in the first place? You get what you pay for is all I'm saying. We love Fuzzibunz Elite One Size. They typically run about $19 a diaper, and they will absolutely last with a second bambino + any others (whom are not currently in the plans). We really love them because they're sturdy, and you can throw them in the dryer. *Huge selling point for me*

2. On-the-Go Wet Bag. These are the perfect hideout for your dirty cloth dipes when you're on-the-go. I tend to stick with disposable diapers if I plan to be out for most of the day, however, I still need a place to put the cloth diaper Lyla is wearing. I always make sure to pack one of these guys. They're so handy because they fit in your diaper bag, and no wetness or odor leaks out. And you just throw them in the wash with the rest of your diapers. 

3. Bum Balm. Lyla has a super sensitive bum. So, she has gotten mild cases of diaper rash or chapped cheeks from time to time. (With cloth diapers, you can not use any kind of diaper rash cream with zinc oxide or cod liver oil, like Desitin. These creams will cause buildup, and your diapers will lose their absorbency and begin repelling/leaking.) So, we have to use something more natural. I prefer Thirsties Booty Love or Grandma El's Diaper Rash Creme

4. Pail Liner. Gotta have a place to put those stinkies. We use a "dry pail system". All that really means is that we throw our diapers into the diaper pail/liner and wash every day and a half. (Rather than a wet pail system...which is exactly how it sounds: wet). We throw all dirty diapers into this Planet Wise Dry Diaper Pail Liner and then throw the entire thing in the wash when it's time. So easy, it's embarrassing. 

5. Diaper Pail. Gotta have a home for the pail liner (see #4 above). We scored a super-cheap pail on Amazon. No need for fancy shmancy. Just need something to contain the odor. And in the case of a few major dirty diapers that tend to stink up the room, we just throw in a Scentsy bar or dryer sheet for an extra boost of freshness. 

6. Detergent. Cloth diapers don't mess around. They can start leaking if you don't use the right detergent. The one we've found to work the best and be the most economical is Charlie's Soap. Which again, we purchase on Amazon. *We're Prime Members, so we get free 2-day shipping. So much better than running out to Wal-Mart.* On Amazon, just $13.00 for some Charlie's Soap. And that lasts about 3 1/2 months or so. 

7. Diaper Sprayer. Highly, highly, highly recommend. Especially at the beginning. And especially if you're breastfeeding. We bought the Bum Genius diaper sprayer, and it's so simple! It hooks up to the waterline connected to your toilet, and it sprays any extra goodies away. It was so helpful when Lyla was exclusively breastfed and hadn't transitioned to solids yet. The dirty diapers needed some extra help really getting clean, and rather than the old days of swishing it around in the toilet, this sprayer does all the work for you. I don't use the sprayer as much these days though as I just plop everything in the toilet. But every once in awhile, I still need to sprayer. *Bonus: Can be used as a bidet as well. ;)

Well there you have it.
Hopefully you don't think I'm too weird.
Clothing really is fun.
And *gasp* not that hard.
And *double gasp* considered cool in big cities.

So that makes me cool.

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Carolyn said...

So I have a question about the diaper creams! Did you try California Baby? I was trying to find one that is sold IN a store around us, and that seems like the only CD safe option. But I want a real mom's opinion on it! HELP! :)