Friday, August 23, 2013

Twelve Months

12 Months: 08/19/13

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.
The fact that I have a one year old. 

A sweet little one year old whom we are so very proud of. 
And love more than anything in the world. 

This month, you've grown significantly. 
The most we've seen yet. 
Not in size.
But in skill. 

It's like you've been saving up all your tricks. 
After all these months of little to no movement.
And all of sudden, without a speckle of warning, you're moving.
And surprising us with all kinds of things. 

Like your disappearing act. 
Where I have a brief instant of panic because I'm not sure where you scooted off to. 

Or how all in one week you began sitting up from a laying down position, taking steps with help, trying to climb things with our assistance, and pulling up for the first time in your crib. We walked in, and there you were. Standing there. So proud. Then you oh-so-gracefully sat yourself down. Like a lady. And you've been showing off all kinds of floor exercise/ballerina moves. Seriously, we still can't figure out how you contort yourself into such positions. 

We're proud. 
Incredibly proud. 

Gross Motor and Development Update. We actually had your first Child Development Consultation today. Dr. Andrea did all kinds of things to check on your gross motor skills. You weren't too sure at the beginning, but by the end, you jabbering away telling her your whole life story. 

Dr. Andrea told us pretty much word-for-word what we've been told by your pediatrician and our good friend in RI who specializes in children's PT. You have low muscle tone. Couple that with your laid back and content-with-just-sitting-there-looking-cute personality, and you've got yourself a motor skill delay. 

Bottom line: There are no major problems. In fact, as long as you continue to progress, we don't even have to go back. Low muscle tone is something you were born with, and it simply means you have lower muscle strength and aren't able to control your muscles as well as others your age. I asked if you will always have low muscle tone, and she said yes. But she gave us plenty of exercises to help strengthen your muscles. And as I've mentioned before, you're quite we're hoping to use that to your advantage. 

You do have some goals to meet before 14 months. If we reach these goals, you don't have to go back to physical therapy. You should be cruising across furniture, standing independently, and squatting to pick things up by 14 months. We're really looking for some progression from where you're currently at. And the good news is that the "normal" walking range goes all the way up to 18 months. So, we have plenty of time to work on that too!

Although it made me a little sad today watching you struggle and giving your all to try to do certain activities, I had a major reality check. As I looked around, I noticed other little boys and girls who were there for much more serious problems. I saw parents who looked tired, run-down, desperate, and willing to do anything to help their child. I had a few moments where I fought back tears. And I felt sort of...silly for being there. But Dr. Andrea said we had good reason to be there, as many come to see her when it's too late. 

Today was humbling. I walked away thanking the Lord for a beautiful, healthy little girl. We are so blessed. And I am incredibly thankful. 

Stats. We actually had your 12 month appointment today after your physical therapy appointment. *Tough day*. Unfortunately, this was a shot day. And you decided to skip both of your naps. Needless to say...tomorrow's a new day. But, I found out at your wellness checkup that you lost a pound. :( You went from 50th percentile to 35th. I actually walked out without your stats paper, but if I remember correctly, I think you now weigh 18.9 pounds. 

Dr. wasn't overly concerned, but we have to go back in 6 weeks for a weight checkup. Time to start fattening you up!

Eating. You're still nursing once in the morning and once at night. And you take one bottle (I still have frozen breast milk that we're using up) mid-afternoon. You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one-two snacks. And, we plan to start you on whole milk this week. You eat anything and everything we give you, and you're getting better at using a spoon. 

Vocabulary. You've got quite the repertoire of syllables and sounds down. But. I'm going to be honest on this one and only count words that you actually say and know the meaning of. You know, like when you make the "mmm" sound, you're clearly trying to say "magnetic" or "multiple". *Just kidding. I'm trying really hard not to be one of those parents.* Anyway. Your current vocabulary consists of dada, mama, ball, bye-bye, hibook, and GiGi swears you're saying pops. Oh. And when you don't know how to say something, your default is bup. Like when you see the puppies, you point and squeal "bup". 

Big Changes. You *finally* have 4 teeth. This top, right tooth caused a lot of trouble. 6 weeks of red, swollen gums with a tooth bulging and so close to the surface. We said for 6 weeks straight, "I bet it cuts tomorrow". Until finally, it cut through this month. Odd because we had very little problems with your other three. Happy this little guy made it's debut finally!

You're drinking milk from a sippie - no more bottles! {Well, except for when you're feeling particularly needy.} 

And you've started sucking your thumb again. The thumb-sucking went away for awhile. But it's back. You really love to do it while rubbing a lovey. Positive = you easily comfort yourself. Negative = no clue how to stop you from doing this one day.

Cognitive Skills. Every change with a baby is so exciting. But I find the cognitive growth to be fascinating and truly amazing. 
  • Pretend. You really just pretend to eat things. It's so cute. You'll use any surface really, but you prefer to "eat" out of our hands. 
  • Pointing. You started pointing a couple of weeks ago. At nature. At pictures in books. At the dogs. Every morning, you wake up, point to your bookshelf, and say "booh, booh". My sweet little bookworm. 
  • When we ask you a question, you throw your little hands in the air, as if to ask a question back. Sometimes you even say, "Whaa". *That didn't go on the vocabulary list because you simply repeat it after we say it. Does repeating a word count? 
  • This might be under vocabulary as well. But you are doing such a good job signing "more" and "all done". And you have a pretty good understanding of "all done". The other night, Daddy was giving you a bath. He was splashing your body and face, and you loved it for awhile. Then, you got a pouty face like you might cry, and you signed "all done". So cool!

Loves. You love so many things right now. Such a fun age!
  • Reading. I mean, you say "book" every morning when I wake you up. You really love turning the pages and getting your books out of your book basket. Makes this teacher heart go pitter-pat. 
  • Taking things out and in. You love taking all of your toys out of your toy basket. Your "cooking utensils" out of the pot. Puzzle pieces out of the puzzle. And you love dropping things inside of other things. Blocks into cups. Toys into baskets. You could do it for days. 
  • Opening and closing. You really like when books have little flaps to open. And you have little doors on your Zany Zoo that you are obsessed with opening and closing. 
  • Dropping things. Food. Sippie. Toys. Books. Anything that makes a loud banging noise on the floor. 
  • Animal noises. *That Mom and Dad make* Your favorite is when a sheep says "baa-baa" or a monkey says "eww-eww-ahh-ahh". You crack up for days. 
  • Your curls. Ok. So maybe, this is one of Mom's loves for the month. But what an adorable phase. 

  • Hearing the word "no". You usually cry. We really only tell you no when you try to touch something you shouldn't or when you try to take Dad's glasses. Seriously. You are obsessed with taking off people's glasses. So, you hear "no" often. 
  • Waiting for food. You have no patience. 
  • Getting your mouth wiped after eating. 
  • Being "all done". You just really like food. (Which is why I'm so confused why you lost weight this month.)
It was a great month, Ly. 
You had your first birthday. 
One awesome little birthday bash. 
And you're movin and groovin. 

Mama's only going to do monthly updates from here on out. 
So many big girl things ahead. 


Rachel said...

We got to do some PT for Finley's low muscle tone. :) They all get there at their own pace!

Shoshanah said...

She is so ADORABLE! I love her little frustrated expression when she's starting at the two sticks.