Monday, May 30, 2011

Memoir Monday: Crazy-Town

Memoir Monday

I really do apologize my blogging has fallen by the wayside the past couple months. I can't help it. There has been so much going on, and unfortunately, le blog gets the brunt of it.

Ya know when you have an overwhelming to-do list and you don't quite know where to begin or how to even tackle the darn thing? Well, feels the same for the blog. So many stories. So many pictures to share. One HUGE to-do list. And I've let it slide for so long, that I'm not even sure what to share anymore.

So, I figured I'd try to catch the caboose and hop back on the Memoir Monday train.

And I thought it was highly appropriate to continue documenting the happenings of our trip to Rhode Island. As mentioned in my last post, it was one crazy weekend. Like full-moon, Friday-the-13th, end-of-the-world-is-coming, this-would-only-happen-to-us crazy.

Even in addition to the whole food poising situation (which by the way made it to the top story of the evening news - check it out here. And the woman being interviewed is our friend...a.k.a. the groom's mother), a few more...interesting events occurred.

More events that made us giggle and pinch ourselves while asking, "Is this real life?":

1). In the middle of the whole food poisoning saga, I went out to go buy some gatorade and Immodium for my green-faced boys. I was already quite flustered because they both kept racing to the bathroom, and I was worried they were getting dehydrated. So, I borrowed my friend's car, backed out the driveway, and suddenly realized the parking break was on. I couldn't find it to save my life. I searched everywhere! I called her frantically and she tried to guide me to the silly break. Meanwhile, while still in the middle of the street, there is a marathon going on and runners are literally dodging my car. One runner nearly hit me. I made quite the spectacle, I'm sure. To continue with the theme of good luck, I finally found the break and made it out of the neighborhood, only to discover a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. I just needed GATORADE gosh-darn-it!

2). The day after the wedding, we were all hanging out talking and laughing about the events of the previous day when one of the gals receives a text from the groom's mom. It said, "Do any of you have a key to the bride and groom's house? The best man locked all three keys inside!"


So, the best man (groom's brother) was given the responsibility of house/cat-sitting. The first day of his sitting duties, within the first twenty minutes, he locked all three keys in the house. Meanwhile, the bride and groom are on a plane to Mexico.

After laughing so hard we nearly tinkled ourselves, we walked over to the bride and groom's and resolved the breaking into their house.

3). On their way back home from dinner one night, Mr. Ruby decided to take Mr. F's Nissan 350 Z for a spin. The boys came to a stoplight. Within a split-second of the stoplight turning green, a jeep began impatiently blaring its horn.

It startled Mr. Ruby, who subsequently stalled the car in the middle of the intersection. The angry jeep-driver behind them honked again and sped up next to Mr. Ruby and Mr. F driving so close, he nearly ran them off the road.

Mr. Ruby, who never, EVER has road rage casually flipped the jeep driver the bird.

Oh dear. Wrong move.

The boys stopped at another stop light, and this time, the jeep driver pulled up next to them.

He rolled down his window.

The boys rolled down their window.

Jeep Driver: What's the beepin problem

Mr. F: Nothing, man. We accidentally stalled the car.

Jeep Driver: (Veins bulging) Well why don't you get out of the beepin car, and I'm going to snap you're beepin neck!

Mr. F: Dude, relax. It was an accident.

Jeep Driver: You guys packin? What a bunch of wimps. Let's go. Get out of the car!

Other words were spoken. But, you get the idea.

Mr. Ruby drove off the moment the light turned green.

I mean, who let that crazy out of the loonie-bin?!?!

4). Finally, it was time to head home. Although we were quite sad to leave our compadres, we were ready for the crazy-town weekend to be over! So, we loaded up the car, and our friends drove us over an hour to the Boston airport. In the middle of rush-hour traffic.

We wipe our tears (literally), say our goodbyes, and wave "sianara" to one twilight-zone-of-a-weekend. Our friends leave. We stand in line. We talk about what we're going to have for dinner. We get to the ticket counter. The woman asks us our destination.

Without a flinch she says, "Yeah. You're not making it out tonight."

Mr. Ruby presents multiple scenarios, and the woman repeats herself, "You're not making it out tonight."


We call our friends. They turn around. In the middle of Boston rush-hour traffic. 45 minutes later, after making it more than half-way home, they pick us up.

I mean, after the kind of weekend we had, why WOULD we make it home like planned?

All of us were crying we were laughing so hard.

Definitely a weekend to remember!

Looking back at some of the happier moments of our trip:


AbbyS. said...

Ohmiword!!! Glad you made it out of there alive!!
Goodness sakes. Loved hearing about all the adventures.

Lawgirl said...

Wild weekend and awesome friends! Love it, and love your blog!

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