Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey. How did you get here?

So, I was strolling out of the gym this morning thinking about my huge to-do list, when I got to my car and realized that my keys weren't in my pocket.

I panicked.

Looked in the car through the window. Nope. Not there.

So, I backtracked and eventually found them. In a crevice of my workout machine.

Then, I went back to my car. Still thinking about that darn to-do list. And you will not believe what I saw.

A Del's Frozen Lemonade cup. Just chillin, right there in the YMCA parking lot.

I stood there in disbelief. I just couldn't believe it.

Now, why was this little cup so surprising? Well, there is some MAJOR significance to this seemingly insignificant cup just rolling around in the street.

Significance #1. Del's Frozen Lemonade is THE Rhode Island summer drink. I had never heard of it until we moved there. EVERYONE knew of Del's (well, everyone but us Kansas folk). I am pretty sure you can only get it in Rhode Island. Or at least New England. And well, I am currently in Kansas.

Our first Del's Experience - first summer living in RI

Significance #2. We will actually BE in Rhode Island in exactly 24 hours. Woop. Woop. It's hard to believe it's been 5 months since we moved. But what are the odds that we are leaving tomorrow morning for Rhode Island and I find a piece of sweet RI paraphernalia in the parking lot of my gym in Kansas?!?!

Significance #3. We are going to RI for a a dear couple friend's wedding this weekend. And we were actually present for the couple's engagement last Fourth of July. Right after the engagement, we all celebrated by getting some Del's Lemonade, and I asked the driver if we could take a picture with his truck.

Coincidence? I think not.

What an amazing start to my day though. I'd like to think of it as God's way of saying, "Get ready, this is going to be one heckuva weekend."

And on that note. I am beyond excited to see my Little Rhody FAMILY!!!

And, I may even get to sneak in a Del's Lemonade or two. ;)


Mrs. Bear said...

Mmmm Dells...with little pieces of REAL lemon! MMMM

Shoshanah said...

They have lemonade trucks? Is that like the same as an ice cream truck where it drives around and it'll stop so you can buy some? if so it's an awesome idea! And if not, someones needs to get on it and make that happen!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How random and awesome that the cup was just there!!! Have a great time!

The Shabby Princess said...

Awhhh, yay! Have a wonderful time in RI!

Young People in Love said...

mmmmm...i could use one of those lemonades about now :)

Love your blog, girl! Have a great trip!!