Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovin to Laugh

So, we all have that friend that makes us laugh hysterically.

You know, the one that makes you laugh so hard, you pee a little. (Am I the only person who has this problem???)

Well, I was reading my good friend Camdin's blog this morning. She mentioned that she often laughs out loud at work while reading articles, blogs and listening to radio shows. Ha. There is nothing like a good laugh...and one where people look at you funny because you are laughing alone. So, Cam was reading our other friend Lyndsay's blog. Her post was quite hilarious. I feel that I must now share.

Seriously, you will never meet anyone funnier than Lynds. Her blog is absolutely hysterical...all the time. This video had me rolling on the floor. And it's even funnier if you know Lyndsay.


Mrs. Bear said...

HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA this is hilarious! She is a great film maker... and if my cat peed on my pillow I'd pee on hers!

Okay that is gross. I take it back.

As for fun recipes to make with your little 5 year old (I nanny for one too!) try carrot cupcakes! The recipe is on my blog here:

CBC said...

It's true, I'm the creeper who randomly laughs out loud at work. People think I'm crazy, I'm fairly sure of it!! I thought that video was SO funny!

Hope you're enjoying the new corporate-free lifestyle. :)

Mrs. Bear said...

Here is a St. Patty's Day recipe:

I am going to put it on my blog as well

mrs.mfc said...

Hahahahahaha that just brightened up my rainy afternoon!! So funny!!

Justine said...

This was so funny! Love it!
P.S. i left something for you on my blog.

Lyndsay said...

HAHAH thanks for posting the mimsy video. The newest rumor involving our HUGE mistake to rescue her is that she is pregnant. Yep. First she pees on my pillow and now this.