Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ruby Reviews

I've been meaning to share my opinion on a book I read a couple weeks ago. And I'm dying to give some rave reviews regarding two movies I watched this week

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Austin, TX for my final recruiting trip (insert nostalgia here). Of course I had a huge paper to work on, but I decided I'd rather read a book instead. I haven't read in awhile, and seeing that reading is a LOVE of mine, I was craving a good book. So, I decided on The Piano Teacher, which was a New York Times Best Seller and had pretty good reviews. Plus, it sounded intriguing.

Let me tell you. I truly love most books. Put a book in front of me, and I'll read it. Even if I think it's quite boring, I always force myself to finish. I honestly think there has only been one book ever that I stopped reading half way.

So, I started reading The Piano Teacher. I had a really difficult time connecting to the book the first few chapters, but I continued on. I reached the halfway point...still no connection. By the end of the book, I was just plain frustrated and quite annoyed that I wasted my time. To be honest, I'm not sure why I didn't like the book. I think I expected more mystery, intensity, and better characters. I could not get attached to ANY of the characters in the book.

So, Ruby Review for The Piano Teacher = Thumbs Down

On a more positive note, Mr. Ruby and I and another couple went to go see Shutter Island on Friday night. I've been dying to see this movie ever since I saw previews last summer. Not to mention, I'm a HUGE fan of Leonardo Dicaprio (I mean, I did see Titanic 7 times in the theater because of Jack) and Martin Scorsese.

Although this movie was odd and made me somewhat squeamish in some scenes, I loved it! It was a creepy thriller about a criminal insane asylum, and it had a fantastic twist at the end.

Ruby Review for Shutter Island = Two Thumbs Up!

Finally, Mr. Ruby and I had a very relaxing day yesterday. We started to clean the house, but then suddenly decided we were in the mood to order a movie from OnDemand. We decided on 500 Days of Summer.

We both absolutely LOVED it! It was definitely very different from your typical romantic comedy - sort of off the beaten path and very quirky. It had a great sound track, and we laughed hysterically in several parts. Both characters are super cute, and the genre of the movie reminded me of Last Kiss or Little Miss Sunshine.

Ruby Review for 500 Days of Summer = Highlight of my weekend!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Update on my life coming soon! :)


Shoshanah said...

I still haven't seen Shutter Island, but still really want to. And I did love (500) Days of Summer. I think its the type of movie that's almost impossible NOT to love

Erin said...

Loved 500 Days of Summer! Even my boyfriend liked it (and he does NOT do romantic comedy type movies!)