Thursday, September 3, 2009


First of all, thanks for all the kind comments regarding my sleep issues. I can't explain how miserable one can be without a good night's sleep. And this Melatonin is working so great. I can totally get used to this whole get-a-good-night-sleep thing!

Now, I've got two stories for you. Both embarrassing. Both involving me doing something silly. I mean, nothing should shock you by now. 

So I always try to take the stairs at work...and I usually almost fall down/up them about twice a day. (We all know how stairs and I get along). Well, today, I actually fell. Hard. We're talking completely tripped over my own two feet and not only fell up the stairs, but fell completely flat on my face. 

Luckily and surprisingly, I didn't really hurt myself, but I immediately shot up, frantically looked behind and ahead of me...and realized I was alone. I actually said "Oh dear" and chuckled out loud. Haha. I'm sure there are cameras in our stairwell, so security got a real treat today. 

But yesterday was much more embarrassing. Let me preface by saying that there has been a time or two when I've been known to say a few (ahem) not-so-bright comments. It's not that I don't have brains, I just don't think before I speak. Everyone at work calls my off-the-wall comments "Mrs Ruby-isms".

I digress. 

Yesterday, we were celebrating the September birthdays...and I was included. So, everyone from my department was in the breakroom. Everyone. They uncovered the cake, and much to my surprise, there was a picture of all the birthday folk on the cake. So, there was my face...right there...painted on a cake. I laughed out loud and felt really awkward because there was a picture of me on the cake. I didn't really know what to say. So, I suddenly shrieked and said, "Soooo...who wants to eat me?" 


Awkward silence.

My friend was looking directly into his coffee cup. A co-worker turned bright red and burst out laughing. Someone else turned and looked at the corner of the wall. I changed the subject and walked out of the room. 

Before the words left my mouth, I thought to myself, "Oh dear, this is going to come out wrong". But the words literally spilled out. Diarrhea of the mouth, I tell ya. 

Always entertaining. Always. 


The New Mrs said...

I have diahhreah of the mouth too, so no worries, you are not alone. Hubs calls me Mrs. Obvious.

But I am glad you are getting more sleep though. There was a brief period last year when I had trouble sleeping b/c of stress and I remember always feeling tired and worn out. We need our beauty sleep :)

Running In Stilettos said...

I'm pretty sure I just choked I started laughing so hard!

Sarah Ann said...

Ahh that is the best thing I have heard all day! I could totally see myself embarrassing the crap out of everyone and myself by saying something like that. Obviously its not YOUR fault they took it the wrong way though right?!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

As I write this comment I'm still laughing and smiling! I would have laughed too and though you were hilarious!

Allison said...

Just a blog wanderer, that cake story is HILARIOUS. SO FUNNY, I just spit out my cookie.

I once fell down an entire flight of stairs at my old work. in a dress.

Not. A. Pretty. Sight.

Liz said...

I laughed for about 20 minutes after reading this. Hilarious! I think it's funnier for me because I would totally do the same thing.

Lucky in Love said...

Oh my gosh...that is so funny! I would've definitely been the person laughing :) At least you got cake, right?

Ashley said...

Poor Mrs. Ruby! Mrs. Ruby-isms ~ love it!!